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Sleuth - NQ's not ready bar opening, sneaky Mobike and mad David Icke

Week 46: Sleuth meets a pair of drunk bears

Christmas Markets

Christmas Markets cheer and the mystery of the Golden Helmet - Sleuth

Week 45: FREE Banana Fritters... but only for monkeys

Metrolink Crowds 2

The Man, Metrolink queues and a bunch of Kunst - Sleuth

Week 44: Sleuth wonders if Andy Burnham is getting above himself

Spiderman Sleuth

Champagne Wankers, London Wankers and Rubbish Protests - Sleuth

Week 43: in which Sleuth stages a Spiderman protest

2017 10 17 Sleuth Mackie Mayor 2 Thumbnail Copy

Proper meat market opens + May's head + police force sherry on Sleuth

Week 40: in which Sleuth almost gets plastered

Pickled Onions In Spiced Vinegar 2000 Copy

Sleuth Food & Drink Awards 2017 + John Thompson tells joke

Week 39: in which Sleuth discovers Manchester's best souvenir ever

Shy Postbox Sleuth Copy

Jeremy Hunt, Romelu Lukaku and Manchester’s most radical bin - Sleuth

Week 38: in which Original Modern is reborn

Boris Johnson Header

Tory Party Conference - a handy list of don'ts for visiting Conservatives

Sleuth offers some friendly advice to avoid any unnecessary bother

Oddsocks Manchester 2

Manchester hotel wins stupid name competition + Wayne Rooney oopsy - Sleuth

Week 38: in which an ancient Norwegian takes the fish

170915 Sleuth Face Off Img 1329

Does Mata have the most intense face on Market Street? - Sleuth

Week 37: it's the intense face on Market Street face-off

170320 Manchester Puddle Rain Header

Shock as rain falls in Manchester, vans reverse and tent wears hat - Sleuth

Week 36: in which Sleuth finds Dubai at Kwais

Manchesters Printworks Headline

12 things tourists should never do in Manchester - Sleuth

Week 35: as Manchester's tourism industry booms, Sleuth offers some sage advice to tourists

20170825 Sleuth 34 Gravy Wrestling

Sleuth - food fashion, augmented reality and gravy wrestling

Week 34: in which Sleuth dons a Yorkshire pudding hat and has existential thoughts

Sleuth Sandwich Boards

Are sandwich boards just road works for people, and is Cynar the worst drink ever? - Sleuth

Week 33: in which an orange serves toast

Bbc Mediacityuk

Shock as Londoners say BBC should never have left London + new schooner bar confirms suspicions -...

Week 32: in which Sleuth ties together a sleeping man's laces on the train

170804 Sleuth August 4 Img 0375

Sleuth - the Bolti, the vibrating pub seat and Mobike, mo' problems

Week 31: in which Sleuth discovers that pulling out never works in a toilet

170728 Tour Group At Engels Statue

Sleuth - Fred Engels, Tony Wilson, Chris Grayling & A Rock

Week 30: in which Sleuth enjoys pub toilet cartography

Engels Outside Homeimg 1946 Copy

Sleuth - Phil Collins, Communist irony and Chinese hotdog pizza buns

Week 29: in which Sleuth instigates high-level accountancy wars

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