Plus detective hats on in Whitefield - the most shareable social content in MCR

We might not know whether to put on our sunglasses or our big coats but at least we know where our appetites are at - firmly pointed in the direction of the best of Manchester's food and drink. Most restaurants are heads down preparing for outside service next week (Don't forget the sunglasses! No, the big coats! No, both!) but they still find time to tempt us with healthy and not-so-healthy delights.

Scroll on for our weekly round-up of full-fat social media content from Manchester's food and drink scene. 

Fried egg

Bit cruel of us to start with this one as it was only available last week. But you can still enjoy the video of these deep-fried creme eggs at Yard & Coop and perhaps petition for them to become a permanent fixture on the menu.

Brews up

If you're less into deep-fried chocolate and more of a "my body is a temple" type, you might prefer this kombucha making video from local fermentalists Booch & Brew. It's a great alternative to a glass of white wine in the sunshine if you're keeping an eye on your alcohol intake

Free Hooch

From booch to hooch and swinging right back to the other side of the health fence. Crazy Pedro's is giving away 5000 free cans of Hooch to its visitors making their way back to drink and dine from 12 April. One per customer, the cans are available across all venues in Manchester and no they can't have all five thousand of you there at the same time, even if you insist you're from two households.

Vegging out

Swinging back again to the healthy end. No actual unicorns this week but some lovely videos of the stunning range of fruit and veg at Unicorn Grocery. It's closing for a couple of weeks for a refurb and will have ongoing work while open for a few months after that so bear that in mind if you're wanting to visit. 

Yellow curry

This turmeric-tinged curry platter in a sustainable takeaway tray reflected our sunny temperament when the ole fella was shining high in the sky last week. We've not tried The Little Sri Lankan yet but its feed always makes us peckish.

New choux

There are so many micro-bakeries popping up at the mo, it's hard to keep up with the pop-ups. Here's another relative newbie with a very good-looking raspberry choux au craquelin. How can choux resist?

Cool beans

A Mr Whippy style ice-creamed topped with espresso? Yes please, Siop Shop.

On yer bike

Sucks to end on a downer but we think Campo Bianco dealt with this situation with style and panache. If you can help them, give them a shout. 

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