Which restaurants have our readers been visiting in December?

What are the hottest fifty restaurants in Manchester? 

No, we don’t mean those with sky-high central heating bills or lots of sriracha on the menu. We’re talking about the coolest, the most talked about, the most searched for restaurants in Greater Manchester. Wouldn’t you like to know?

Well, we have a way of finding out. It’s called Confidential Guides and it launched back in August 2021 with a view to providing our readers with a powerful and infinitely useful tool to find the best places to eat, drink and be generally merry all across the north of England. There is an individual page for each restaurant with a description, buttons to book a table and tags to make searching easier. We also publish curated restaurant guides to give our readers inspiration.

The restaurant guide everyone's talking about

Our new Greater Manchester restaurant directory took off like a rocket and over 70,000 people have used it to decide where to eat since with over 21,000 tables being booked as a result.

What are these hungry hotpot hunters searching for? What is the restaurant with the most hits on the site? We’re going to lift the lid on our stats and tell you. 

Every month, we will publish the top 50 most visited restaurants on ConfidentialGuides.com. The restaurants you, the people, are most interested in, the ones you’re choosing for celebrations and special events, the ones everybody is talking about. 

We’ve been watching the stats closely and every month the top spot has been owned by a different restaurant. Competition to be the most popular is fierce. 

The hottest restaurants in Manchester

Want to keep on top of what’s hot and what’s not? Bookmark this page and check back on the first Thursday of the month, every month for the updated Hot 50 chart.

Here is our Confidentials Guides Hot 50 - the most popular restaurants in Manchester in December.

Refuge Opening Sep22Nd Jody Hartley Lo Res 21
The Refuge takes the top spot once again this month Image: Jody Hartley

1. The Refuge =

2. El Gato Negro =

3. Ducie Street Warehouse ↑ 

4. San Carlo =

5. Hawksmoor ↑ 

6. Where the Light Gets In ↑

7. Albert's Schloss ↓

8. The Bull & Bear ↑

9. Escape to Freight Island ↑

10. Sugo, Altrincham ↓

Bundobust Vada Pav
Vada Pavs are flying out the doors of Bundobust Image: Confidentials

11. Rudy's Pizza, Ancoats ↓ 

12. District ↑ 

13. Sicilian NQ ↑ 

14. Tokyo Ramen ↑ 

15. Oystercatcher ↑ 

16. Bombay Brew ↑ 

17. San Carlo Cicchetti 

18. Levenshulme Bakery  

19. Bundobust, Piccadilly 

20. Six by Nico  

Michael Clay In The Kitchen At Elnecot In Ancoats Manchester
Michael Clay at the helm at Elnecot in Ancoats Image: Elnecot

21. The Chippy on Burton Road  

22. The Thirsty Korean  

23. The Creameries  

24. Salvi's, NQ  

25. The Ivy, Manchester 🆕 

26. The Moorcock Inn 🆕

27. The Firehouse 

28. Hispi 

29. Elnecot 

30. Tre Ciccio 

A Selcetion Of Main Courses From A Tavola New Mills For August Best Dishes
A Tavola is New Mills' worst kept secret Image: A Tavola

31. The Parker's Arms 

32. A Tavola 

33. Habas 

34. Moor Hall =

35. Volta, Didsbury 

36. Bird at Birtle =

37. Eagle & Child, Ramsbottom 

38. Motley 

39. Porta, Altrincham 

40. Mughli 

Sandinista Manchester Interior
The latin flavours of Sandinista have made it to the Hot 50 this month Image: Confidentials

41. The Little Yeti =

42. Bar San Juan 

43. Mana 

44. Sandinista 🆕

45. James Martin 🆕

46. Cottonopolis 🆕

47. Baratxuri, Ramsbottom 

48. Pasta Factory 

49. L'antica Pizzeria da Michele 🆕

50. The Blues Kitchen 🆕

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