Liverpool dumpling favourites drop down in Manchester

If you haven’t checked out Kampus yet, the cool canal-side neighbourhood complex opposite Canal Street, you’re running out of excuses. Especially now that another popular indie has opened its doors. Yum Cha is the latest tantalising opening in Kampus’s foodie arsenal and it’s bringing a buzzy, casual spot to eat dumplings in.

We’re named Yum Cha after the tradition, passed down over centuries, of gathering to swap stories over tea and food

Serving Chinese roasted meats, a selection of steamed and fried dumplings, as well as rice and noodle dishes and Chinese tea, Yum Cha brings with it a neon-coloured, casual dining take on traditional Chinese classics.

The Front Of Yum Cha At Kampus In Manchester
Walk this way for dumplings Image: Confidentials

Yum Cha cha cha cha cha cha check it out

Yum Cha’s first Manchester site is also the first time the business, founded by brothers Adam and Neil Wan, has expanded beyond the Liverpool city limits. The Kampus site, which sits in a corner unit above Nell’s pizza is accessible from both the upper balcony next to The Beeswing and an entrance on Minshull Street. 

The Bar At Yum Cha In Kampus Manchester
The upstairs bar and dining area Image: Confidentials
Yum Cha Seating At Kampus Manchester
Booth seating for big groups Image: Confidentials

Inside, the L-shaped restaurant floor channels modern industrial concrete chic with traditional Chinese flourishes and plenty of neon signage. Diners can choose from small table seating or larger central booths which lend themselves to larger groups. 

Outdoor seating is also available on a rooftop terrace shared with neighbours The Beeswing. The terrace itself already becoming one of Manchester’s most popular all-day sun traps.

Yum Cha Booth Seats At Kampus Manchester
Concrete chic with the glow of neon Image: Confidentials

Plenty on the menu

As for the food offering, where do we start? First things first, it’s worth pointing out that the menu is varied but not overwhelming. Ideal for sharing. One section of the menu is dedicated to crispy goods, so think dim sum, skewered meats and fried bits, whilst below sits the bao, steamed goods and rolls section. 

Cuttlefish cake, sesame xia qui (prawn balls) and jiaozi pot stickers (pan-fried dumplings with minced chicken) are a few standouts from the fried section whilst traffic light dumplings, cheung fun (steamed rice rolls with a choice of meats inside) and xiao long bao (traditional Shanghai soup dumplings) shout out from the steamed section.

Staff And Diners At Yum Cha At Kampus Manchester
No booking required, first come first served Image: Confidentials
A Selection Of Big Plates At Yum Cha Kampus Manchester
Plenty to choose from on the big plate and small plate fronts Image: Confidentials

Elsewhere there are roasted meats, noodle soup and a "big plates" section which includes noodle dishes and curries with a decent selection of vegan-friendly options to boot. Perfect for getting your katsu, salt and pepper or satay fixes. It’s worth pointing out that no single dish on the menu tops £10.50. 

If that’s not enough there are desserts too. Choose from fluffy white or deep-fried filled bao as well as mango pudding, and Japanese cotton cake.

On the drinks front, there's a selection of Asian bottled beers and Tiger on tap, as well as softs, wine and spirits including Japanese whisky and sake. Cocktails complete the alcoholic drinks with familiar classics alongside house specials including the Golden Hour (Aperol, yuzushu and prosecco served in a wine glass over ice).

If that wasn't enough, there's also traditional Chinese tea as well as "Yummy Tea", the restaurant's take on classic bubble tea.

Assorted Steamed And Fried Foods At Yum Cha Kampus Manchester
The fried and steamed good stuff Image: Confidentials
A Noodle Soup At Yum Cha Kampus Manchester
Fill up on noodle soup Image: Confidentials

Adam Wan, Yum Cha Co-founder, said:

“We’re properly excited to open the doors and let Manchester taste our big plates, trademark roast meats and dim sum to die for. Our home at Kampus is perfect and we’re proud to be joining the community alongside the likes of Nell’s, Pollen and The Beeswing. We’ll be open every day for people looking for their fix of honest, authentic Chinese food in a cool setting.

“We’re named Yum Cha after the tradition, passed down over centuries, of gathering to swap stories over tea and food. We’re keeping that culture alive at Kampus, with delicious food and a welcoming dining spot to spend time with mates and family.”

Yum Cha is open daily from 12pm - 10pm. No bookings are required, first come first served.

Yum Cha, KAMPUS, 44 Aytoun St, Manchester M1 3GL

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