The Instagram-tastic 202 Kitchen is nestling in next to Manchester Hall

A brand new ‘trapbox’ bar and restaurant concept, 202 Kitchen, has announced it will open in Manchester. Instagram fans will be all over its bright pink colour palette and photo-worthy food. 

Expect to see endless pictures of overflowing trays of comfort food on a backdrop of flamingo pink and flowers

The enclosed alfresco space, ‘designed for all weather conditions,’ will open on Bridge Street next Friday, 21st August. It will nestle in next to Manchester Hall; home to popular spots like Indian superstar Dishoom, upmarket date night spot Masons, beef chiefs Honest Burger and huge, glamorous cocktail bar Vanitas. 

2020 08 14 202 Kitchen Interior
The PR picture of 202 Kitchen

Having already successfully launched its first restaurant in Birmingham earlier this year, 202 Kitchen hopes to continue its success story up North.

A new concept to many, ‘trapbox’ is all about hearty, home-style soul food like mac ’n cheese, waffles, fried chicken, burgers, and grilled seafood all piled into a box. Perfect for soaking up a few cold drinks in this baking heat. 

For those who prefer a liquid diet, 202 Kitchen will also offer an extensive cocktail menu as well as wines, beers and spirits. 

2020 08 13 202 Kitchen
The venue being set up

Trapbox - which shares its name with a genre of US hip hop and a term for cooking up drugs in a kitchen (although this foodie version is rather more wholesome) - has become an increasingly popular trend, with a huge Instagram presence. It's the punk rock of the food world, with untrained cooks posting pictures of their creations on social media and rapidly building a huge following. 

In the UK, the trend started with Prince Owusu (the South London-based entrepreneur, not the German footballer) cooking up ostentatious boxes of food in his home kitchen, posting pictures on social media and delivering them locally to his followers. His enterprise blew up so much he had to employ a local team to enable him to serve folk coming from all over the UK. He was recently featured on BBC 2’s Million Pound Menu. Now there are trapbox home chefs all over the UK. 

2020 08 14 202 Kitchen
The food is Instagrammable and hearty
2020 08 14 202 Kitchen 1
All on a bright pink backdrop

The 202 Kitchen version of trapbox in Manchester is a bit more slick, its Birmingham roots having oiled the wheels of the operation, but no less Instagram-friendly. Expect to see endless pictures of overflowing trays of comfort food on a backdrop of flamingo pink and flowers. 

In keeping with social distancing guidelines, 202 Kitchen will also operate a COVID-secure operation, creating a comfortable and safe environment for guests to socialise responsibly. 

With restrictions still in place for Greater Manchester and not likely to be relaxed any time soon, we say the more the merrier when it comes to these appealing outdoor options.  

202 Kitchen, 36 Bridge St, Manchester M3 3BZ

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