We did a Twitter poll, it got heated. Do you agree with the result?

Who does the best pizza in Manchester? It's a question that comes up in our office quite often - with Gordo maintaining that the whole pizza thing is "just a fad" and the rest of us squabbling like children. 

So we decided to settle it once and for all by putting it to a public vote. 

Passions ignited, tempers boiled over, the Twitter equivalent of 'my dad’s harder than your dad' played out

We set the whole thing up in simple knockout style, pitting sixteen of the most popular pizzerias across Manchester against each other in head-to-head Twitter polls.

In some rounds, we matched like for like (see the Purezza v Four Side vegan matchup) whilst other draws saw heavyweights face off against minnows. 

Unsurprisingly Dominoes, Papa John’s and Pizza Hut were barred. Maybe you'd go there as a last resort after an especially hedonistic night out but that would be like inviting Spam to the charcuterie Grand Prix.

Only one could be crowned Manchester’s best pizza.

The Head To Head Tournament Table Of The Manchester Confidential Pizza Tournament
The tournament table, a monument to the finest pizza in Manchester

So here we are. What started as a bit of fun has turned into a truly all-consuming pizza knockout as the city’s dough and topping pushers thrashed it out for the ultimate title of the best pizza in Manchester.

The pizza wars story so far

Needless to say it’s been gruelling. World Cups are tough and this one has been no different. Early draws left hearts broken. Some might say Honest Crust had no chance with a first-round fixture against Rudy’s but we were rooting for a close result. Likewise early upsets came thick and fast with Franco Manca and Voodoo Ray's bowing out early. No pizza goliath is safe in the Manchester pizza wars.

The first meeting of titans came in the quarters as the nation’s favourite vegan pizza chain Purezza was swept aside by Rudy’s in a no-questions trouncing, the latter getting 89% of the vote. Other ties were closer. Crazy Pedro’s dumped out Ramona with a 60.3% majority whilst Double Zero pipped Ciaooo with a narrow Brexit-worthy 52.1 to 47.9%.

A Sauce Being Poured Onto One Of Double Zeros Classic Neopolitan Pizzas In Chorlton Manchester
Will it be Double Zero?

It was at this point that the staff member in charge of the competition realised that there were issues with the tournament format. Twitter would question whether we’d rigged it, some would cry Russian interference, but you can’t rig what’s in your heart. The people have spoken and we’ll be taking the criticism on board for the next time we do a tournament.

People assumed the semi-finals would be a given, how wrong they were. Granted, the incredible form of Rudy’s continued but Double Zero, the plucky underdog pulled it out of the hat in a dramatic vote swing. At one point Nell’s had it in the bag with 58% of the vote. For most of the night, it was 50/50 before Double Zero rose to a dramatic victory with 52.2% of 2210 votes. Talk about a swing.

The response on social media

As with anything on social media, there was light and there was shade. Passions ignited, tempers boiled over, the Twitter equivalent of “my dad’s harder than your dad” played out again and again as the people of Manchester lovingly trashed each other’s favourite pizza restaurant. Some said the decisions were worse than Brexit. Others threatened to “throw hands” if the result didn’t go their way.

The restaurants themselves were watching too. Crazy Pedro’s was never going to take trash from a man who described them as “pizza for goths”. Double Zero meanwhile kept pushing that hastag, enticing people with those 50% giveaways and generally posting its heart out. 

A Classic Neopolitan Pizza At Rudys In Ancoats Manchester One Of The Finalists From The Manchester Confidential Pizza World Cup
Will it be Rudy's?

The final slice of competition 

Then came the final. Two pizza gladiators facing off in the doughy coliseum of online warfare as a crowd watched on baying for sauce. Only one could win and it was down to the people to decide. Would it be Rudy’s? Would it be Double Zero

The action was intense. Rudy's had run away with the competition up until this point and the odds didn't look in Double Zero's favour. It was Rudy's Goliath that took the early lead.

Largely silent throughout the competition, Rudy's got to work loading up the big guns. There was a return to Twitter, after a three-year hiatus, to gee up their followers. We spotted promoted Instagram campaigns, email calls to action and even celebrity endorsements courtesy of celebrity chef Simon Rimmer. Albert's Schloss were also in their corner. The lead continued.

But then something remarkable happened. The plucky underdog began to build momentum. Another £50 voucher competition was announced. Then 25% off discounts tempted voters. Majorities slowly dwindled. Twitter watched on aghast as Double Zero slowly clawed back the tie. The evening before the vote ended it was 50/50.

The best pizza in Manchester

The people have spoken and we have a winner. With a 54.5% majority out of a total of 7,986 votes, Chorlton's Double Zero pizza is officially the best pizza in Manchester. We would like to thank everyone that has voted and all of the pizza restaurants that got involved. Watch this space for the prize-giving ceremony - a trophy is on its way.

Well, we enjoyed that so much we might just do another one...

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