The Manchester-based pizzeria is the only UK top ten entry

Award winning Manchester-based pizzeria, Rudy’s, has just picked up another impressive accolade. It’s been named tenth in a chart of the ‘Top fifty best pizzas in the world’ compiled by global travel and food website Big Seven. 

The casual pizza restaurant, which has sites in Ancoats and Peter Street Manchester, as well as one in Liverpool’s Castle Street, has become famous for it’s Neapolitan style pizzas with 24 hour double fermented dough. 

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The top fifty pizzas in the world come from restaurants all over the world including Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, New Zealand, Moscow and Dubai. Rudy’s even managed to place higher than Italian pizzas made in Rome, Florence and Milan as well as Naples. As their dedicated pizzaiolos follow the traditions of Neapolitan pizzas, their positioning is particularly impressive. 

According to Big Seven, the best pizza in the world can be found in Illinois, which pipped L'Antica Pizzeria da Michele in Naples to second place. Only three other pizza restaurants in the UK made the top fifty list; Paesano Pizza in Glasgow (46th), and London-based Made of Dough (33rd) and Pizza Pilgrims (25th).

Big Seven's Top 10 pizzas in the world

1. Spacca Napoli - Illinois, USA

2. L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele - Naples, Italy

3. Emily - New York, USA

4. Starita - Naples, Italy

5. PIZZANA - Los Angeles, USA

6. Baest - København, Denmark

7. 400 Gradi - Essendon, Australia

8. Del Popolo - San Francisco, USA

9. La Svolta - Melbourne, Australia

10. Rudy’s Pizza - Manchester, England

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