Team behind the critically-acclaimed Japanese restaurant have plans to take over Arch 3

Five years they've been plugging away beneath a gritty railway arch on Mirabel Street, close to Manchester's Victoria railway station, and have over the years, through hard work, careful sourcing and word of mouth, gained a reputation as the finest handlers of raw fish in the North West, perhaps even the best Japanese restaurant in the North (though, admittedly, we've only tried a few).

We've been back many times and never once had a duffer. In fact, it's the highest scoring restaurant - 19.5 out of 20 - in recent Confidential memory... maybe ever. (Forgetting the time Gordo, close to losing a toe and wired on opiates, scored Australasia 21 out of 20.)

Good news then that the team behind this exceptional 15-seat sushi cave - MFDF 'Chef of the Year' Terry Huang and front of house/business partner Hanna Michnowicz - have got their mitts on a second site, across the road in arch 3.

So far, Confidential has word that the natty working title for the space is 'Kitchen in an Arch' and will combine a kitchen with a specialist seafood deli. The pair - who do a decent line in sake and shochu - have also applied to the council for a booze licence.


When we know more, so will you.

Arch 3 Mirabel Street
Umezushi have got their hands on Arch 3, Mirabel Street Google
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