Make life easy with lunch at Vapiano

Kneading pizza dough and leaving it to prove, making four different varieties of pasta fresh every day – all of this takes time. Lots of time. At Vapiano, slow food is good food, where the flavours are richer and the food is better. But did you know Vapiano is fast food too?

 A meal at Vapiano is simple, streamlined – but also delicious. It’s a moment of enjoyment in a fast-paced world. Train to catch? Appointment? Meeting? It doesn’t mean you just have to grab a sandwich. Sit down. Life will wait. Appreciate freshly-cooked Italian pasta and pizza made exactly how you want it. It’s quick food that doesn’t compromise on flavour.

Alessandro Edited

Ordering and paying at Vapiano are quick and easy – just scan the QR code to add whatever you want to your basket. Pasta with prawns and spinach? Perfect. Hold the nutmeg? No problem. Add a beer? Scan here. Order, pay and your food will be with you shortly.

 No more trying to split the bill or catch the waiter’s attention. When you’re done, you’re done and you can rush off to your desk/tram/whatever. That crazy treadmill of endless tasks will seem easier to deal with after a meal at Vapiano. Relax, rebalance, refuel.

 Or linger over coffee and home-made dolci and put-off your to-do list for a little longer.

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Find Vapiano at 13, Corn Exchange, 98 Corporation St, Manchester M4 3TR or click here to find out more.