The exclusive terminal will launch with a dining experience by Adam Reid

CAVU, founded by Manchester Airports Group (MAG), has announced its latest innovative product; Aether

Aether, an exclusive private terminal designed to redefine the airport experience, will elevate the terminal experience, offering luxury that is often only reserved for first and business class travellers, but is now open to all passengers who journey from Manchester Airport. 

We prioritise tranquillity and provide a seamless service to offer our guests an effortless start, or even end to their journey

2024 05 09 Airport Aether 1
Inside Aether's lounge Image: Toby Mitchell

The self-contained, private terminal is located completely away from the main airport terminal and helps to streamline and elevate the whole airport journey including check-in, security and parking. Aether will also boast a curated menu, launching with a dining experience from Adam Reid, Chef Patron at Adam Reid at The French located inside The Midland Hotel. 

The Manchester-born chef will create an elevated dining experience, crafting a menu designed to leave guests feeling refreshed and ready for their onward journey. Aether will offer reservations seven days a week with a limited capacity.

2024 05 09 Adam Reid
Renowned chef Adam Reid Image: Panting Studios

The terminal will have panoramic runway views along with dedicated staff who can attend to guests’ needs. Passengers can unwind, safe in the knowledge that everything has been taken care of. It takes the stress out of going on holiday and means you can start your celebrations or break ahead of your flight. 

What’s more, MAG has partnered with BMW offering a premium chauffeur-driven service to those who travel from the Aether terminal, meaning guests can travel across the airfield in style.

2024 05 09 Bmw
Arrive at your plane in luxury Image: Toby Mitchell

Guests looking to travel from Aether can add this onto their journey from as little as £90 per person, with two packages to choose from; ‘express’ for those travelling with just cabin bags who want to skip the queues and ‘inclusive’ for those with either cabin or checked bags who wish to  enjoy the full offering, including a curated menu, all food and drinks and the chauffeur service.

Guests are also welcome to bring along non-travelling guests to enjoy the experience and wave them off before their flight. This option is subject to availability and at an additional cost.

2024 05 09 Aether 2
Enjoy panoramic views of the runway Image: Toby Mitchell

Suzanne Orr, General Manager of aether said: "Our Private Terminal is a sanctuary, offering a thoughtfully designed, elevated experience away from the hustle and bustle of what you’d usually expect in an airport. We prioritise tranquillity and provide a seamless service to offer our guests an effortless start, or even end to their journey.

“What sets aether apart is its inclusivity; it’s accessible to all passengers, regardless of ticket class, and doesn’t require membership. This democratisation of premium airport services marks a significant shift in the industry, offering a reimagined airport experience to a much broader audience.”

2024 05 09 Aether 3
Aether will welcome its first guests in November this year Image: Toby Mitchell

Reservations will open on Thursday 6 June, ready for passengers to use the private terminal from Monday 4 November 2024. Join the waitlist now.

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