Our fave food and drink posts this week including a hot cross bun off

This week marks one year since we first locked down in the UK back in 2020 which seems equally a million years and only a moment ago. 

This week's Hashtag Manchester celebrates some old favourites that have kept trucking, many who have adapted to delivery life and some who have emerged as brand new startups out of the life laundry that the lockdown forced upon us all. 

Scroll on for our new weekly round-up of funny, filthy, full-fat social media content from Manchester's food and drink scene. 

Legendary cupcakes

Remember when everything was unicorn-themed? Now it's not so ubiquitous a trend, these cute cupcakes caught our eye on our Insta timeline. 

Coin-operated joy - Ancoats vending machine

We love an old-school vending machine and this strange-looking one has popped up in Ancoats dispensing everything from stock cubes to tofu. SO Ancoats.

The creme of Stockport from WTLGI

Everything at Stockport's Where The Light Gets In is so aesthetically pleasing - as well as pleasing for your tastebuds, of course. This creme caramel is no exception (swipe the rhubarb away to see the video).

Freda ripple

Freda's Place is fast becoming a favourite Instagram page for glazing at beautiful cakes and bakes. This chocolatey dessert with banana rippled down the middle had our eyes out on stalks.

Star pours - a Yoda cocktail

Though we're sad to hear that Veeno Manchester is closing, hats off to whoever created this simple but very effective Star Wars-themed cocktail. Impressed, we are. 

Yolk of the week - Isca

OK this isn't yolk porn as such because the yolks are all smushed up with the whites in this gloriously golden egg mayo. Nonetheless, we want to celebrate this good old egg mayo butty done beautifully by Isca.

On a roll

While we're on the subject of rolls, here's one of a different kind. It's not even baked yet and this sausage roll is from Thyme Out is making us hungry. It's all about that nacho sauce.

Burger All

Continuing on the cheese sauce theme, here's a gratuitous Almost Famous burger because, well just look at it. It's your last chance to get one of their at-home burgers kits this week before everyone flocks back to outdoor restaurants.

It's all gravy

While gravy has always been a mainstay in the cliche of a Northern diet, it seems to be having its moment with hipster foodies right now. If you enjoyed (or coveted from afar) those gravy-dipped tacos, you might like to check out this new burger brand from the folk behind Viet Shack.

Mana the people

Ok we take back what we said about unicorns. But on a serious note, do you agree with Mana about service charge? 

And finally - A hot cross bun off

One a penny, two a penny... sadly inflation means hot cross buns aren't quite as cheap as they used to be but we still love these fruity reminders that spring is here. Do you prefer the classic (but vegan) style from Long Bois?

Or WTLGI's Rosie Wilkes' version with Korean-inspired fermented carrot?

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