A NSFW sausage, a chocolate cocktail and an edible goldfish - the most shareable social content

Never mind doomscrolling, we're all about mmm!-scrolling. So we thought we'd start sharing our favourites with you.

Scroll on for our new weekly round-up of funny, filthy, full-fat social media content from Manchester's food and drink scene. 

Fat Sam's sausage

This Cardi B soundtracked sausage party from Fat Sam Eats might be NSFW (but that's ok since most of us are WFH).

Honest Burgers' fondue

Honest Burgers have been out on the pull in this cheesy video for their latest special, the fondue burger.

Obligatory oozy doughnut 

We couldn't stop staring at this one from Teatime Collective - and it's vegan.

Anatomical heart chocolates

Normally, Valentine's content makes us do a little sick in our mouths, but we loved this actual heart chocolate from Dormouse Chocolates.

Edible goldfish

Happy Moo year to all our customers and friends from the Blue eyed panda team. To celebrate our Chinese New year we have...
Posted by Blue Eyed Panda on Thursday, 11 February 2021

These guys certainly aren't koi. They were fishing for compliments with these ridiculously cute dumplings for Lunar New Year.

Solidarity with Myanmar

On a more serious note, Rice Over Everything is raising awareness for the plight of people in Myanmar who are protesting a military coup.

Bojo in the NQ

The folks at Northern Soul have created a 'positivity window' - we're not sure why BoJo's on it though....

Ever made sago?

Elsa Eats shared a sweet recipe for coconut sago that did double duty for CNY and V Day (although why not stick it to the man and make it tonight?)

A Salfordian chocolate cocktail 

It's gone 12...somebody must be starting their Valentine's Day drinks😍 We have the perfect Hazelnut Rum Cocktail...
Posted by Salford Rum on Sunday, 14 February 2021

This one doesn't have to be reserved for Valentine's either.

Weetabix and beans, should it be illegal?

Finally, how could we ignore the Weetabix and beans hoo-hah? ICYMI, here's our own GMP doing their bit to fight such crimes against food.

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