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From fine dining to a light lunch plus a sushi masterclass

MUSU epitomises Japanese luxury. No matter what menu you choose, it is going to be a sensation, quite literally. MUSU is a feast for the eyes, a marriage of textures, flavours you can just inhale and a taste you will never forget. 

Whether you’re looking to be transported to Japan with the full dining experience, or you’re indulging in authentic cocktails with a twist, the bar is available to book with drinks packages to suit every taste and need.

The word ‘MUSU’ translates as ‘infinite possibilities’ so although each menu is exquisite, they each offer a completely new dining experience.


The Omakase menu is unlike anything else in the city. In fact, it is the only one of its kind outside of London.

Your own private sushi master leads you through each course, seated at the Chef’s Table where you will be served the finest sushi in a way that fuses together theatricality, taste and learning. This isn’t a meal, it’s an immersive experience for those who love sushi. Completely different, it is something special for anyone interested in Japanese food culture.

20230601 Musu Omakase Crab 2


The Kaiseki menu is a seven or eleven course tasting menu, curated by Head Chef, Michael Shaw. It’s a seasonal journey through the flavours and techniques of Japanese cuisine. A vegetarian version of this experience is also offered. Accompany the menu with a wine pairing, or even a premium wine pairing, for the ultimate in luxury. 

20230601 Musu Kaiseki Duck Meatball Yakitori  Umeboshi Plum  Red Shiso


The Sentaku menu is the MUSU a la carte menu and can be everything to everyone, with a myriad of options. Order a few light dishes along with a glass of wine or create your own eclectic multi-course feast of Japanese imagination. You can choose your favourite ingredients and dishes to create a three-course meal that’s as individual as you are. 

A few home-made pickles, some sea bass sashimi and a Japanese craft beer could be the perfect relaxed evening. Or, it could be just the start. Why not Start with MUSU style nigiri and chicken yakitori skewers, followed by miso black cod for your main and finish with one of the opulent signature desserts. Looking to take your tastebuds on a journey? Add optional extras from the sushi menu to complete your experience.

20230601 Musu Sentaku Salt Aged Duck  Beets  Gyoza  Sansho Pepper


The Subayai menu is an introduction to MUSU luxury. It’s a zippy lunchtime set menu where you can enjoy the same attention to detail and quality but where you can still be back at your desk in the afternoon if need be. It is perfect as a business lunch or a bit of lunchtime luxury at a lower price point.

Which of these infinite possibilities is going to be part of your visit to MUSU?

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20230601 Musu Subayai Hand Dived Scallop And Oyster Salad