Which one will you order tonight?

AS the 2020 stay-in-a-thon gathers pace, more and more restaurants are offering a delivery service.

Northern Quarter pizzeria Noi Quattro has already launched an Uber Eats service, and their sister restaurant The Pasta Factory will follow 'imminently'.

Both restaurants will have their full menus available for delivery.

Right now you'll find all your favourite Noi Quattro pizzas listed on the site, along with their antipasti dishes, and even their Italian-inspired desserts. Is there anything more decadent than having dessert delivered to your sofa?

The menu spans pizze rosse and bianche topped with incredible Italian ingredients: San Marzano tomatoes, porcini mushrooms, mozzarella fior de latte and friarielli or wild broccoli. Pizzas start from just £7.50.

They also offer Italian snacks such as crisp scugnizzielli with parma ham, rocket and parmesan, or cuoppi – cones of fried, battered delicacies such as seafood, courgette flowers and dough balls. Antipasti starts from just £5.

Meanwhile, The Pasta Factory is perhaps the only place in the UK right now that isn't experiencing a pasta shortage. They make their own from scratch every day so they're sorted. (Their pasta is egg-free so suitable for vegans.)

 Order home-cooked dishes based on family recipes, such as their Reginette al ragu di Nonna Marce - it's reginette pasta tossed in a traditional pork sausage and 'nduja ragu', topped with parmesan. £11. 

 Or their Triangoli di spinaci e patate: handmade spinach and potato ravioli on a creamy and delicate courgettes, cashews and basil sauce. Topped with their vegan parmesan and courgette flowers. £14.

 And you might as well use the opportunity to order one of their fantastic homemade desserts. We love the Cannoli alla Nutella:Italian crispy sweet pastry with chocolate and hazelnut filling and cream. £6.

Why not treat yourself to some authentic, chef-cooked Italian food - in the comfort of your own home? Eating in is never going to be as lovely as a meal out, but at least you don't have to change out of your PJs to do it.

See the Noi Quattro menu on Uber Eats

See The Pasta Factory menu on Uber Eats