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Three courses and we still made it to the show on time

Pre-theatre dining can be a bit of a nightmare. So many constraints, so many things to think about: How far away is the theatre? Is the service quick? Is it expensive?

Despite all that, you’ve managed to co-ordinate diaries and get your everyone together so you still want it to be special, not an after-work meal deal or a McDonald’s pit-stop.

The Confidential team were raring to go and giggle ourselves silly at comedian Joe Lycett when he came to the Palace Theatre but where did we go and eat beforehand?

Surely the answer is obvious. Don Giovanni, of course.

All the usual pre-theatre dining problems disappear in an instant. It’s just up the road from the theatre – you can do it in a matter of minutes even in heels, service is speedy without rushing you and you can even ask for your bill early so you can just drain the last of your prosecco and head off as soon as you’re ready.

It’s just up the road from the theatre – you can do it in a matter of minutes even in heels.

And of course, you know the food is going to be delicious. So delicious in fact that we all managed to polish off three courses. The calamari fritti was crisp and flavoursome without being greasy whilst across the table, the bruschetta pomodoro was light and fresh with extra piquancy from the pesto and the bruschetta funghi also got the thumbs up.

Main courses arrived without a wait and were just as good. The lasagne with a side order of spinach was the dish of the day, comforting, creamy and just like mamma used to make (only miles better – sorry mum). The pollo porcini (£2 supplement) was creamy and tender and went beautifully with a side of creamy mash whilst the salmone adriatico was perfectly grilled for one of the more health conscious staff members.

2018 04 27 Don Gio Pre Theatre Salmone Adriatico 1 Preview
Salmone Adriatico

We asked for the bill and ordered desserts having forewarned our server that we were heading to the theatre. Crème brûlée, gelato and panna cotta were all a great end to the meal after which we paid up and drained our glasses before sprinting down the street to the theatre where we had time for another glass of wine before the show started. Girls night out, and all.

We’d blown our budget on theatre tickets so to enjoy three courses each for under £20 a head (supplements excluded) was quite a result.

The pre-theatre menu at Don Giovanni is available from 5pm – 7pm every day with two courses for £16.95 and three courses for £19.95.

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2018 04 27 Don Gio Pre Theatre Crè Me Brû Lé E
Crème brûlée