Common Ground will serve much more than Gold Blend

Here at Confidential we reckon we'd do pretty well at the Olympics, but obviously only if there were medals for speed scoffing and racing to the bar.

We’ve just had news that three proper local athletes; swimmer Fran Halsall and cyclists Jessica Varnish and Liam Phillips, have opened their first hospitality business venture together, combining their mutual love of coffee and post-workout meals.

“The whole idea came about just after the Rio Olympics,” said three-time Olympian Fran, “there’s a great vibe and movement happening in Altrincham, with plenty of inspiring restaurants and independent shops opening up. We used to eat here all the time, so when a unit became available, it was too good an opportunity to miss.”

Common Ground café on Shaws Road opposite Market House in Altrincham, previously home to Mirabelle’s Café, will sell a variety of healthy and not-so healthy treats, including organic baked goods and cakes. The café kitchen is still under construction, but will be serving up hot meals over the next few weeks, with a brunch menu on the horizon. 

20172006 Common Ground Interior
Common Ground

The unit has bi-folding doors at the front and rear which open up entirely providing a space to sit in the sun in good weather. Fran explains, “We’ve made the best use of space by installing the Origin bi-folding doors which fully fold back so people can sit and have their coffee in the fresh air. At the other side of the café is another set of bi-fold doors to what we call the ‘Zen Den’, a relaxing courtyard and seating area.”

The interior has been decked out in a minimalist and Scandinavian style, with pale wooden tables, pastel green and grey. Common Ground will also have an open door policy for dogs. “In addition to our shared passion for sport and good coffee, Jess, Liam and I are all dog lovers, so the café is definitely dog friendly.”

Common Ground will be open between Tuesday-Sunday, 8am-6pm.