Obsessive, unusual, weird – whichever way you describe it, Scene's Indian cooking warrants a closer look

THERE'S a reason why Scene MD Asif Ali looks so calm and confident in this interview with demon food critic Gordo. It's because everything they're eating has already been judged by the harshest critic of all – and it wasn't some bloke in a flat cap and thick glasses.

Asif's Mum is the ultimate judge of the food at Scene. And if she says a dish is good, rest assured, it's good. Nothing gets on the menu that hasn't got her personal seal of approval.

Like all of us, Asif just wants to make his ma happy – and in doing so, he and his team are making a lot of Indian food fans happy too.

Many of Scene's recipes have been passed down through generations of his family, and he doesn't tweak them to suit modern western tastes. It's that 'authenticity' that so many chefs talk about – but at Scene you don't get told about it, you just taste it.

Watch the video to see some of their most unusual and authentic dishes – there's some real surprises on the menu here.

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