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Bonding with brewers at The Wild Beer Company, at our favourite Great Northern-boozer…

NEW Year, new trend – and this year it seems the sommelier is out and the cicerone is in, (that’s a beer expert to you and me). So, if you want to learn more, or become a specialist yourself and impress all your friends, then Manchester is the place for you. We love our beer up North, and the city boasts many fantastic breweries and bars. 

Four courses, with a beer to match, designed especially by the chefs at No. 1 Watson Street.

The edgy Great Northern spot, No. 1 Watson Street, is no exception to this rule. If you're looking to learn the lingo, meet the brewers or simply try something new, then their beer tasting evenings are the perfect activity for all you hop-heads.

No.1 Watson Street played host to The Wild Beer Company, travelling all the way from deepest darkest Somerset. The evening began with a quick introduction from the brewers themselves, and the brand. We were then given four courses, with a beer to match, designed especially by the chefs at No. 1 Watson Street.

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The evening with The Wild Beer Company consisted of a black pudding scotch egg, a.k.a ‘Manchester Egg’ paired with the sour ‘Somerset Wild’, made with cider and three types of bacteria…trust us, its more delicious than it sounds.

Ninsaki the celebration beer is a hefty 9% but went down rather smoothly with chipolatas and mustard mayonnaise.

‘Of the Sea’, a 7% beer delicately flavoured with lobster, cockles and sea salt, filled us with apprehension at first, but was quickly redeemed – upon tasting with the cockle and leek mash.

And finally, ‘Millionaire Chocolate and Salted Caramel Stout' with Jaffa Cake mousse was the perfect way to end a rather boozy tasting lesson.

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