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Dieting doesn't mean no-longer dining out...

When you’re on a diet it can be difficult to find somewhere to dine out that won’t send you falling from the healthy eating wagon.

However, being on a diet or food plan shouldn’t mean you have to stop going out and enjoying yourself. You can still have a social life, enjoy eating out with friends and family, while still sticking to your plan - you just need to be smart and plan ahead.

There can be so many choices when eating out, that it can be hard to choose the best one for you.

At Ultimate Performance, we specialise in body transformations, with many clients achieving incredible results in just 12 weeks.

Over the course of the program, clients follow a consistent training and food program to help achieve these results, and this is where eating out can sometimes be a tricky experience if you’re unsure of what to eat.

That’s why as food consultant for UP, We’ve been exploring some of the best healthy options from menus and restaurants around Manchester and put together our top recommended places to eat when you’re trying to stick to a diet.

Take a look at our Top 10 Places to Eat Out on a Diet in Manchester before you plan your next dinner date...

1. Beastro – Leftbank, Spinningfields, M3 3AG

The menu at Beastro changes regularly, but the quality of the food remains on point. Locally sourced where possible, whether you dine here for breakfast, lunch or dinner there is always something that will keep you on track with your diet. UP recommends the flat-iron steak salad for those looking to stay low-carb. You can also try the chicken and rice salad to get a great balance of carbohydrates and protein.

The staff at Beastro will go out of their way to meet your requests, so don’t be shy and get down there now.

20170525 Up Beastro 20170525 Up Beastro2

2. Gym Shack- Arndale Market

Gym Shack is a relatively new offering on the healthy food scene, replacing the popular Simone’s in the Arndale Market. Simone’s ‘clean eating’ cakes are still available to buy at the counter, along with a selection of lean meats, vegetables, salads and carbohydrates.

The concept involves creating your own perfect healthy meal in a box, topped with a choice of incredibly tasty sauces. Everything is freshly made on site and each meal is built to order.

You can even enquire about the macronutrient balance of your order, so Gym Shack is perfect for those following a macro-based diet. We would recommend anything from Gym Shack, just pair your favourite ingredients together and enjoy.

20170525 Up Gymshack 20170525 Upgymshack2

3. Evelyn’s – G18, Smithfield Building, Tib Street, M4 1NB

Evelyn’s is a little gem in the Northern Quarter, serving up a delicious menu that ranges from breakfast smoothie bowls packed with blueberries, beets and baobab, to the vegan quinoa and whipped tofu with kale and beets. We would recommend the masala hake with spiced chickpea and apple salad, available to order both at lunch and dinner, which is a tasty higher protein and lower carb option.

4. Gran Café – Selfridges, Lower Ground Floor, Exchange Square

Gran Café is located on the Lower Ground floor at Selfridges, serving up brunch, lunch and a delightful patisserie display.

While we would advise averting your eyes as you pass the cake counter, we would definitely recommend perusing the salad section of the menu.

The poached salmon salad in particular is absolutely delicious, with a light and fresh pomegranate and dill dressing.

The Energy Booster smoothie is highly recommended, with the addition of coconut oil, almonds and sunflower seeds for a boost of healthy fats and fibre; making this a real stand out from all the other smoothies on the market.

20170525 Up Gran Cafe 20170525 Upgrancafe2

5. PKB – Barton Arcade, Deansgate, M3 2BH

Pot Kettle Black is tucked away in Barton Arcade, serving incredible coffee and a selection of meals for breakfast and lunch.

With various healthier options available, you can feel confident knowing that there is always something great to choose. For brunch, we would recommend the ‘harissa eggs’ served with black olive yoghurt and pistachio dukka – drop the flatbread if you’re low-carb. At lunch, you could load up on protein with the hanger steak served with poached eggs and chimichurri, or go for a lighter option with the ‘buddha bowl’. Loaded with cauliflower, tofu, avocado and a tahini dressing, it’s completely vegan and highly nutritious.

Did you know? PKB also offer convenient grab-and-go breakfast pots such as their fresh bircher muesli. 

Hanger Steak 20170525 Uppkb

6. Grand Pacific – 50 Spring Gardens, M2 1EN

Grand Pacific boasts beautiful interiors with a quirky pineapple theme. Famous for their exquisite cocktail menu, you can also enjoy a deliciously nutritious meal from their various menus.

You could consider the Satay Chicken Skewers for a tasty and high-protein option to start, or the Tuna and Salmon Lomi.

For a main course, we would recommend the Thai Waterfall Beef Salad or the Tea Smoked Salmon with Cucumber Salad. The chefs behind the scenes at Grand Pacific are happy to make small changes to many of the options on the menu, just call ahead!

20170524 Grandpacific1 20170525 Gran Pac2

7. Manchester House – 18-22 Bridge Street, M3 3BZ

The open kitchens at Manchester House combine passion, flavours and flair – with exquisitely-plated food presented with a flourish of infused dry ice. While the menu regularly changes, a firm favourite of ours is the fillet steak served with a side of greens. It is cooked to perfection and served with bone marrow custard and braised snails, and you can opt out of the butter toppings if you’re watching your fat intake.

We enjoyed the monkfish starter, served with wild mushrooms, wild garlic and a light mushroom broth. The portion sizes here are just right – you won’t leave feeling as though you’ve overindulged, although your taste-buds definitely will!

20170525 Upman House1 20170525 Upman House2

8. Artisan – The Avenue, 18-22 Bridge Street, M3 3BZ

Artisan has a brand new menu with a great variety of healthier options such as the Tuna Nicoise Salad, along with a selection of naughtier pizzas and desserts. Most impressive is their weekday ‘Express Menu’ which can be healthy for your body and your wallet. Our favourite choices from this menu would be the watermelon Salad to start, followed by the half chicken with wild rice.

You can also find a range of refreshing infused waters, so you can still enjoy a drink in a beautiful location without worrying about losing track of your diet.

Image 13 Image 16

9. Foundation Coffee – Sevendale House, Lever Street, Manchester, M1 1JB

Foundation Coffee has a menu covering fresh, healthy juices, salads and smoothies along with a vast cake selection. There are several healthy salad options that we would recommend, such as salmon with black rice, ginger and quinoa salad or the chicken breast with beetroot, kaleslaw, wheatberry and couscous salad. For those looking for a protein fix, Foundation Coffee offer shakes as well as a protein pancake stack. Definitely one to check out when you’re next in the Northern Quarter.

10. Hotel Gotham – 100 King Street, M2 4WU

For anybody looking to stick to a healthier diet, the team of chefs at Hotel Gotham have recommended the delicious poached monkfish, served with raw peas, sesame seeds and a light beef consommé. There’s also a tasty offering of stone bass which can be prepared without any excess butters or oils, and would pair beautifully with seasonal vegetables.

That’s our round up for our top 10  healthy places to eat out in Manchester, now you have no excuse to say ‘no’ to dinner – or to fall off the wagon!

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