Start the day the UP way. The experts at this leading global personal training company explain why breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

LEADING global personal trainers UP have a philosophy on breakfast, and it goes something like this: eat a high-quality, high-protein breakfast at the time that fits best to your lifestyle, your goals and your preferences, and you’ll soon find out why it’s known as ‘the most important meal of the day’. Breakfast sets the tone for the rest of your day, keeps hunger at bay and puts to bed any mid-morning cravings. Eat the right meal first thing and it’ll help contribute to the exceptional transformation results Ultimate Performance Manchester and Cheshire are known for.

So, what is the best breakfast to eat on a body transformation? Sadly, not croissants, sugary cereals, and toast and jam – find out why they’re not on UP’s list of optimal breakfast foods to build the ultimate body here.

Still, there is no one ‘perfect breakfast’ on a body transformation, and it always comes down to what works best for you, and sometimes that might even mean not eating breakfast at all.

Here some of UP’s successful clients share what they used to eat for breakfast, and what they changed with their morning meal when they started their transformation journeys at Ultimate Performance. Some took advantage of the EatUP meal prep service – more here.

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Dee, 22-week transformation, age 30s

‘I’d never seen food as fuel before. I’d seen it as this inconvenience that I had to do in between trying to do everything else. I would skip breakfast and lunch. Now, my breakfasts are smoked salmon and spinach. It’s decadent, but it makes me happy, and it’s a game-changer. It means that at three in the afternoon, you don’t feel like having a nap. Normally you get to 3pm and you feel like you need energy and off you pop to have half a litre of coffee.’

Zrinka, 16-month transformation, age 30s

‘Before, my breakfast would be a meal from Tesco or a baguette and eggs and mayo. Now thinking about it, it’s probably 600 calories or more and just carbs and carbs and fat and carbs. Now, my typical breakfast is eggs with salmon and salad. I like my breakfast to be high in protein and healthy fats.’

Nap, 12-week transformation, age 30s

‘My breakfast wasn’t actually much different before and after my transformation: whole rolled oats with banana, blueberries and sometimes other fruits, topped off with a cup of almond milk. To help with hitting my overall nutrient goal, I add ground flaxseeds, chia seeds, maca powder and cacao powder. As I train in the morning, I also come to my training session with a BCAA and creatine mix in my water.’

Ghazi, 16-week transformation, age 40s

‘I experienced the benefits of having a high-protein and moderate fat breakfast. Before, I’d mostly eat carbs, but during the transformation programme it was based around protein. I am sure this had an effect when combined with the rest of my meals on my nutrition plan.’

Emma, 14-week transformation, age 30s

‘Before my transformation with UP, I always skipped breakfast in the week, opting for a cup of tea. During my transformation, and something I have continued afterwards, I make sure I always eat breakfast. EatUP breakfasts make that really easy to do, but if I’m short on time, I’ll at the very least have a protein shake. 

Alan, six-week transformation, age 20s

‘I don’t normally eat breakfast. Instead I used to have a super-sugary double shot of white coffee in the morning to stay awake for the rest of the day. What I did differently when I started the UP programme was start drinking pure black coffee with no sugar. That made quite a big difference in my case because I drink coffee every morning and that used to translate into at least 16g of sugar per serving, seven days a week!’

Mark, 20-week transformation, age 50s

‘I changed out oats and toast. I basically cut carbs, plus black coffee, and had no dairy. I felt good. I was less bloated and my energy levels were good. Breakfast on my body transformation was usually eggs plus some protein – smoked salmon, bacon or kippers – plus maybe tomatoes or mushrooms.’

Jas, 26-week transformation, age 30s

‘During my transformation, I ate a five-egg omelette (three full eggs and two egg whites) with sautéed spinach, and green and red peppers (basically a garden omelette). This was completely different to what I used to have at breakfast time, which was just a coffee – I was simply starving my body, in hindsight. Since starting training, I’ve not missed breakfast. My weight has continued to decrease, my energy levels have increased, and overall I feel great.’

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