Located beneath Evelyn's on Tib Street, The Daisy will be working space by day and cocktail lounge by night

Sax and Haz Arshad - the brothers behind Mughli in Rusholme, Evelyn's in Northern Quarter and the Railway Kitchen in Alderley Edge - have revealed plans to open a private members' club in Northern Quarter.

Located beneath Evelyn's on Tib Street, The Daisy will be a co-working space and coffee hang-out by day, and a private cocktail lounge by night.

Wannabe members are asked to follow The Daisy's Instagram account (@thedaisynq), where a 'committee' will access your Insta-credentials. Get the thumbs up and you're down to pay the £100 a year membership fee.

Yes ok the Instagram thing may seem a little wanky, but the brothers say it is more about finding 'like-minded' individuals than exclusivity, and you can't sniff at around £8 a month for a working space in Northern Quarter with free coffee.

Each member will also be allowed to sign-in three guests at a time, which will come in handy when you don't fancy drinking on your own.

Evelyns Tib Street
The Daisy will open beneath Evelyn's in Northern Quarter

The brothers say the space has been inspired by trips to the Pigalle district of Paris, an area of the city, like the Northern Quarter, which draws a colourful and creative crowd with its tightly-packed dive bars, trendy coffee spots and fashion boutiques. 

There's also the graffiti and sex shops.

Sax Arshad said: “We wanted to create a timeless and intimate setting with touches of theatre that fit the location and community that resides, works and creates within it. 

“Detailed touches flow throughout the space with every interaction considered, enhancing the hospitality experience and delivering a unique meeting place in the city.”

The Daisy will launch in early-December.

The Daisy Zanna Group Visual 26 10 17 Copy
CGI of The Daisy