Sinful shakes and delectable desserts…Preston’s new halal steakhouse has a naughty side

THERE may be no alcohol at Preston’s MUMU steakhouse but this halal hotspot has its own brand of naughtiness: one look at the drool-worthy sweet stuff and you’ll see what we’re talking about.

Of course, it would be a travesty to miss out on a steak while you’re here. Flame-grilled by meat mavericks in MUMU’s dramatic open kitchen, they’re pretty darn special. But we recommend either accompanying with a shake, or following up with a pudding (both if you’re feeling particularly rebellious). 

20170509 Mumu Milkshakes 1
20170509 Mumu Milkshakes 2

Like everything else, the milkshakes are enormous (no stingy portions here) and are made with real cream for proper indulgence. Choose from chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, banana and salted caramel - all served in a stainless steel tumbler - then prepare for a celestial experience.

20170509 Mumu Desserts 3

Desserts are equally tempting. Think chocolate brownie with toasted mallows, homemade cheesecake with berry compote and waffles dusted with cinnamon.

We’ll let you into a secret: our personal fave was homemade sticky toffee pudding with vanilla ice cream, scattered with crushed walnuts for a satisfying crunch.

20170509 Mumu Desserts 2
20170509 Mumu Desserts 1

Alternatively, plump for the MUMU pancake stack: homemade buttermilk pancakes from a 50-year recipe. These fluffy delights come in plain, chop chip or blueberry - all served warm, with a drizzle of maple syrup. 

20170509 Mumu Desserts 4

Miss at your peril…

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