We never get bored of the NQ board

EVERYTHING about pizza at Noi Quattro is authentic and Italian, from the properly trained pizzaioli, traditional Neapolitan techniques and two artisan ovens to the finest ingredients, including Flour Petra from Molino Quaglia for the dough and traditional toppings, such as DOP Mozzarella fior di latte di Agerola and DOP San Marzano tomatoes.   

With just the right amount of yeast, the sourdough base is slowly proved over 24 hours at least – but, don’t worry, you won’t be kept waiting for your order, because at 450 degrees, Noi Quattro’s pizza cooks in less than 90 seconds. Just as well, because even looking at the choices on offer has got our mouths watering. Introduced to the regularly changing specials board for September into October, alongside the regular restaurant menu, there are two new creations, both £10 each.

The Mimosa is a white pizza, with a fior di latte Mozzarella cheese and double cream sauce added to the hand-stretched dough base, then topped with roasted ham, sliced mushrooms and sweetcorn kernels, plus lively green herbs. The Coccinella (which translates from the Italian to mean ‘ladybird’) joins Noi Quattro’s impressive vegan offering, meanwhile, combining red and yellow cherry tomatoes, escarole endive, black olives and capers for a real Mediterranean feel to keep summer alive. The result for both is fabulous fresh flavours on a fluffy, floppy base.

Watch the Mimosa and Coccinella being made here.


Find Noi Quattro at 120 High St, Manchester M4 1HQ.