Last stop on the road show, Porkadilly Gardens

A group of Spanish food experts have been working their way across Europe exalting the virtues of porcine products from a bright pink converted tour bus.

They have now reached the UK where they’ve spent the past five days making piggy pit stops in various cities including Sheffield, Leeds and Edimburgo (that's Edinburgh, in Spanish).

The idea is to celebrate the flavours, traditions and nutritional benefits of Spanish products - especially different types of pig.

Their final stop will be Manchester on the October 12 & 13, where the truck will be porked, sorry, parked up by the Wellington Statue in Piccadilly Gardens. 

Inside, key members of INTERPORC (a real organisation, honest) along with nutritionist Clara Gonzalez, will be on hand to offer interactive master-classes, everyday recipe suggestions such as ham sushi, pork tartare and bacon salad, and to explain the nutritional benefits of gobbling pork.

Sounds crackling.

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