Week 22: how to take care of your beer

Sleuth is a sideways glance at the city each week. It's the truth, but Sleuth's truth. Sometimes Sleuth even gets serious, but not often... @mcrsleuth

Cross-legged council idiocy of the week

Last Monday was Bank Holiday Weekend and it was the Whit Walks in Manchester when lots of church congregations parade the city. This involves young and old - a lot of old. Crowds gathered in Albert Square. But just as with every Bank Holiday Monday the public toilets - the only City Council ones in the city centre - were closed. So while thousands of other people had to work across the city centre in bars, pubs, restaurants and shops the council couldn’t find a handful of people to open the loos. Outside in Albert Square elderly people were exploding. It’s a public inconvenience.

18 06 01 Albert Square Loos

Chip shop of the week

Sleuth is pleased to see that the Lloyd Street chippy is poshing up with a proper cafe and a dedicated street side chippy all in smart white tiles. Part of the menu in the cafe is a little heavy on one item though and it’s not chips. The sourdough revolution continues unabated but sometimes it can be overdone. Crikey, sourdough with everything. Free range eggs with sourdough, smashed avocado on sourdough, Greek chickpea on sourdough, beans on sourdough. Still given there is a proper chippy on site you can ignore the healthy stuff and still grab the grease. 

18 06 01 Sleuth Jackson Lloyd Chippy
chips and sourdough - the new superfood?

Posh rude embroidery of the week

Sleuth was at a party at Comme Ca Art in the marvellous Hope Mill and Theatre on Thursday. This commercial art gallery is worth a visit. Not only are there fabulous works to look at, but the views from up high on the fifth floor of this 1820s former cotton mill are superb. One artwork looked intriguing, a framed piece of sweet embroidery. Sleuth took a closer look to see what the embroidery spelt out. Oh, ok.

18 06 01 Sleuth Rude Embroidery

View of the week

The views as stated above were extraordinary from Comme Ca Art in Hope Mill. Especially from the rusting and dramatic fire escape. The rise and rise of tall buildings revealed the intensity of the central area’s property boom. There were about five people admiring the view with Sleuth on that rusty and rickety-looking fire escape. One of them said, “Do you think this thing is safe?” “I know, shall we all jump up and down for a bit and test it?” said Sleuth. “No!” they all shouted together, running back into the building.

18 06 01 Sleuth Views

How to care for your beer

Sleuth knows that a good beer has to be cared for properly. Sleuth thinks this might be taking things too far.

18 06 01 Sleuth Beer In A Pram

Nominative Property Nonsense

Sleuth was addressing a group about all the building projects taking place in Manchester. He mentioned how the 24 acre Mayfield area was being brought back to life by a developer called U+I. One gent who clearly hadn’t been listening said, “Who did you say was developing Mayfield?” “U+I,” said Sleuth. Quick as a flash the man said, “I don’t think I’ve got time.”

The Bank of England - the truth

The splendid Hope Mill and Theatre are on Pollard Street. Sleuth was intrigued to find the Bank of England was located there too, but he was shocked to find it closed and its vault filled with empty cans. Bloody hell this Brexit thing is really starting to bite.

18 06 01 Bank Of England Sleuth
18 06 01 Bank Of England Sleuth 2