Six courses of nostalgia from Nico, but what's the theme this time?

This week has seen the return of outdoor hospitality and people have fully embraced that big coat energy. 

What everyone really can’t wait for though is to be able to dine in again (and not in our bloody houses). When May 17th rolls around (if all the data aligns and all that) there really will be a carnival atmosphere. 

So, the new menu from the kitchen chameleons at Six By Nico is pretty apt.

A little bit of mystery, a little bit of magic, and a whole lot of joy

When our reviewer, Lucy Tomlinson visited Six By Nico to review it when it opened back in the golden days, pre-pandemic, she described it as feeling like being in an amusement park. 

It’s this sense of novelty and magic that's where Nico’s menus really shine. The Alice in Wonderland themed menu towards the end of 2019 was one of my personal highlights. 

During the pandemic, Nico has been busy doing all manner of cook-at-home boxes and meal kits from the restaurants and also via his new Home-X brand.

We can’t wait to jump on our unicycles (perfect for social distancing) and head to the Manchester restaurant to check out the new Circus themed menu - though we hope the amuse-bouche isn’t a custard pie to the face on arrival.

What’s on The Circus menu at Six by Nico?

With this nostalgic menu inspired by Nico Simeone’s visits to the big top as a child, we’re promised “a little bit of mystery, a little bit of magic, and a whole lot of joy” and lord knows we need it.

The intriguing, pun-tastic menu launches on Monday 17 May and runs til Sunday 27 June with, as usual, six courses (plus optional snacks, if that's not enough for ya).

It features:

  • Waffles & Ice Cream: chicken liver parfait, compressed peach, potato crisp
  • Candy Butchers: beef carpaccio, burger sauce, aged parmesan, pickled cucumber
  • The Illusionist: chicken ballotine, crushed artichoke, brown shrimp, caper & raisin puree
  • A-Crab-atics: sole, baby courgette, bergamot gel, crab tortellini and bisque
  • The Greatest Show: smoked flat iron, wild garlic, black truffle emulsion, ox cheek pasty
  • The Grand Finale: peanut butter parfait, rhubarb compote, blood orange, candy floss

As usual, there’s a vegetarian version of the menu as well with things like beetroot and king oyster mushroom usurping the meaty bits.  

Nico Simeone From Six By Nico In His Glasgow Restaurant
Nico Simeone in his Glasgow restaurant - he's been a busy man

Indoor dining is coming back to Manchester

Chef Nico Simeone said: "Who amongst us doesn't have fond memories of a visit to the circus when we were young? The circus is a fascinating visual and our re-opening menu is full with colorful unpretentious, playful dishes. Everybody needs a little extra excitement right now and our team had lots of fun developing and creating this theme as we prepare to reopen our Six by Nico restaurants across the country."

You can book now for The Circus at Six By Nico in Manchester with tables available from midday til late, Monday to Sunday. It’s £32 per person with an additional wine pairing, if you want, for £26.

Six By Nico, 60 Spring Gardens, Manchester M2 2BQ

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