The sweet stout is the first in a series of seven birthday beers

Sometimes, the most unexpected combination produces a taste sensation. 

A quick Facebook poll brought up some interesting butty fillings: jam and cheese; peanut butter, cheese, banana and Sriracha; Mars bar and apple; cheese, apple and crisps; Nutella and beef crisps; baked beans and jam - If you have siblings, you likely have different favourite snack combos that horrify one other. 

Have you ever had peanut butter on a Jaffa Cake? All I can say is, thank me later!

For Kit McAvoy, brother No.6 of Salford’s SEVEN BRO7HERS (we’re not sure what their ranking system is but we have some theories), it’s Jaffa cakes topped with peanut butter. 

And since they have their own brewery and can do whatever they like, well he’s made it into a beer of course.

A Can Of Seven Brothers Jaffa Cake And Peanut Butter Stout
Salford's SEVEN BRO7HERS brewery has launched a peanut butter and Jaffa cake stout

The Peanut Butter on a Jaffa Cake stout is the first in a series of seven beers, cleverly named “The 7 Series” that has launched today to celebrate the brewery’s seventh birthday. Is that enough sevens for you?

Each beer in the series will “explore the interests, personalities, and quirks of the seven McAvoy brothers as they toast this landmark birthday”.

Kit’s stout has the chocolatey, zesty and nutty flavours of his favourite childhood snack but contains no actual nuts - so it’s fine for those with peanut allergies. The 440ml can is 7% abv and is available to buy now for £5 a pop.

A Man Eating A Jaffa Cake Topped With Peanut Butter In Seven Brothers Brewery With A Glass Of Stout On The Table
Kit McAvoy chose his favourite childhood snack for the birthday beer

Kit said of the birthday beer: “This year we celebrate seven years in business, which is a special birthday for us. We wanted to commemorate the anniversary with a series that celebrates our family and seven years of hard work – seven years, seven beers, seven unique ideas. 

“It has been really fun taking well-known beers and flavours back to the drawing board and getting inventive with the brewing team. We are enormously proud of the last seven years and we hope people join us in celebrating this landmark.

“Have you ever had peanut butter on a Jaffa Cake? All I can say is, thank me later!”

After a few years brewing up in their dad’s basement, the SEVEN BRO7HERS BREWING CO was founded in 2014 by McAvoy brothers Guy, Keith, Luke, Daniel, Nathan, Kit, and Greg. The Ancoats beer house followed in 2016 and today there’s also a beerhouse at Middlewood Locks and the onsite taproom at the brewery in Salford - all of which will be open for outside dining and drinking from 12, 14 and 16 April respectively.

This year the SEVEN BRO7HERS will be opening a partnership bar in Manchester Airport’s new terminal two as well as new beerhouse sites in MediaCityUK, Leeds and Liverpool. Watch this space for more on those when we have it.

What do you think the next beer flavour combo will be? Perhaps a marmalade and pickled onion Monster Munch sour or a cheese and marmite IPA? We'll look forward to finding out. 

You can buy the whole range of SEVEN BRO7HERS beers online 

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