Owner says they are looking for a new site as landlord pursues plan to open hostel

ROZAFA, the Greek and Cypriot restaurant next to Town Hall, will close its doors on Sunday 4th March as their landlord, Realty Estates Ltd, pursues plans to transform the building into a high-end hostel.

The owner of the restaurant - which began trading on Princess Street seven years ago - told Confidential that although the city centre branch was closing, their Stockport restaurant on St Petersgate will remain open.

"We are looking to open soon somewhere else in town"

"We are leaving because the lease has finished and they want to make it a hostel," said the owner. "We thought we were getting a new lease but they turned around and told us no only four weeks ago."

However, the owner remains optimistic about the future. "We are looking to open soon somewhere else in town," he said. "We are looking to do a deal with two places in town... but you know these things take time."

Plans to convert the upper floors of 57 Princess Street into a hostel were first tabled in 2016. However, a new application - approved in August last year - sought to include the basement and ground floors, which are occupied by the restaurant.