International cuisine and relaxed fine dining means Ivory has something for all

Your dad’s partial to a chicken korma, your mum finds Indian cuisine too rich. You fancy some mezze, your friend wants steak. You’re craving Thai but your partner prefers Spanish. 

Needless to say, finding somewhere to dine out can be a nightmare.

Enter Ivory Bar & Grill, which - with its focus on international cuisine - has something for everyone: Greek, Thai, Spanish, Indian…even prime Yorkshire steak.

What’s more, the same meticulous attention to detail goes into each and every dish, ensuring a small yet superb representation of every cuisine. Chefs have worked at some of Manchester’s leading restaurants and it’s clear they’re proud of what they do. There may be other places that boast a worldwide menu but Ivory’s quality makes it truly unique.  

Deals here are pretty tasty too: the early dining deal on Friday and Saturday promises 25% off your entire bill from 12-5pm while every Monday sees a different offer, from beer and burger (just £8.95) to 2-4-1 on all fajitas. From Monday to Thursday 5-10pm, you can bag two courses for £14.95 and they do a pretty mean roast on Sundays as well.   

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Confidential popped along recently and tried out a selection of dishes…

Halloumi fritters

You can find these in the extensive starter section, along with everything from Szechuan squid to crispy duck roll and Japanese gyoza. Authentic Greek halloumi is paired with homemade sweet chilli and ginger sauce for a Greek-Thai fusion that’s utterly delicious and very moreish. A Confidential fave.

Chorizo croquettes

These homemade Spanish-inspired delights can also be found in the starters. Maris Paper mash is blended with spicy chorizo and spring onions, then coated in panko breadcrumbs and served with guacamole (again homemade). 

Rib-eye steak

Ivory source their steaks from a farm in Yorkshire, which dry-ages the meat for 28 days for the ultimate flavour. Ivory then dry-age for another week on top, making this steak one of the tastiest (and juiciest) we’ve tried in a good while. Our 10 oz rib-eye came with watercress, mushrooms and hand-cut chips with homemade peppercorn sauce. A sprinkle of black pepper and voila. Prefer your beef in a bun? We can recommend the burgers too.

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Trio of kebabs

Why have one Ivory signature kebab when you can have three? This delightful medley includes chicken with yoghurt marinade, delicately-seasoned lamb kofta and halloumi that’s robata-grilled for the perfect texture. With a profusion of veg - from bell peppers to onions, mushrooms to courgettes - it’s mega healthy too. 

Greek salad

Salads can have a reputation for being boring; when created with imagination and a little flair, however, they’re anything but. This vibrant dish is a case in point, combining five different leaves with authentic Greek feta, cucumber, red onion and peppers. The unusual Thai-style dressing of sweet chilli and coriander, meanwhile, adds a welcome zing.   

Alas, that’s all we had room for on this particular visit but we’ll be back to try more ‘global gourmet’ soon: aromatic Thai curries, sizzling fajitas, fresh seafood… Puddings are gaining quite a reputation, too, and there’s even a trio of dessert-inspired cocktails for you to slurp at your leisure (drinks are a whole other feature).

Say ‘ciao’ to dining dilemmas and make Ivory your next destination. 

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Ivory Bar & Grill, 190-194 Bury New Rd, Whitefield, Manchester M45 6QF