Harley Young enlivens her lymphatic system in less than 60 minutes

Sometimes, our bodies need a helping hand to kick things into motion. Whether it's a tired spell that you can’t break out of or a bloat that just won’t go down, it can leave you feeling fed up and uncomfortable. 

Puffy, dull and tired skin and water retention doesn’t come without its insecurities. My job often requires me to present to a camera, which is the last thing I want to do when I don’t feel like myself.

Having your face gently massaged by a machine (and knowing you’ll look and feel better afterwards) is a real treat.

2023 09 20 Hr Physio Wellness Outside
Outside HR Physio & Wellness Centre on King Street Image: HR Physio & Wellness Centre

I’m aware that the body slowly stops producing collagen when we get to our mid-to-late twenties. Being 25 and on the cusp of watching my collagen dwindle before my very eyes, I decided to see ways I could put some life back into my body before gravity (and, let’s face it, my poor diet) completely takes over. 

HR Physio & Wellness Centre on King Street offers a range of treatments designed to do just that. The facial and body lymphatic drainage treatment using the LPG Endermologie machine is said to stimulate circulatory exchanges, drain toxins from the body and boost the immune system whilst giving an instantly sleeker appearance to the areas treated. 

It works by stimulating dormant cellular activity within the skin to fight signs of ageing like wrinkles, sagging skin, localised resistant fat and cellulite appearance.

It also claims to be completely painless, 100% natural and non-invasive. Plus, it only takes 15 minutes per facial treatment and 30 minutes for the body, meaning you could pop out for your appointment on a lunch break and come back in the afternoon feeling like a new you.  

Surely it can’t do all that without injecting something or causing at least a little bit of discomfort, right?

2023 09 20 Hr Physio Wellness Inside
Inside the waiting area at HR Physio & Wellness Image: Confidentials

I booked myself in to find out whether it was just fibs or something that I’d be implementing into my monthly routine for years to come. 

Hanane, owner of HR Physio & Wellness centre, welcomed me at the door with a smile and asked if I’d like a drink before offering me a seat in the waiting area to go through my consultation and pre-procedure forms. 

The environment is warm and welcoming but also incredibly clean and professional. It doesn’t feel too clinical and intimidating - rather somewhere you could sit on the sofa and have a thorough chat through any concerns you may have (or just have a little natter with Hanane and her lovely team). 

Once I’d filled out my forms, Hanane escorted me over to the treatment room to explain the process in detail.

2023 09 20 Hr Physio Treatment Room
Inside the treatment room - the LPG machine is set up to the left Image: Confidentials

Prior to coming for the treatment, I was told to drink lots of fluids before and after as there’s a chance of becoming dehydrated due to the loss of stored water. I was also told that I’d probably need to pee more frequently than usual after the treatment was done. This is completely normal and due to the body flushing out the toxins.

“The way the LPG machine works is through mechanical stimulation. It’s a gentle suction simulation to the top layer of the skin that stimulates the lymphatic system. This allows the body to get rid of water retention, bloating, if you have heavy legs it can make you feel a lot lighter,” said Hanane, adding “It helps to stimulate circulation and the retention of fluids in general.”

She continued by explaining that the facial treatment covers everything from around the temples to the cheeks, above and under the eyes, around your sinuses, and down the neck to just above the collarbones. This stimulation helps reduce swelling of the lymph nodes which can happen when you get sick.

Hanane then explained the plan of action for the body treatment.

“We start first with the tummy, stimulating what in medical terms is called the ‘solar plexus’. In simpler terms, that’s the main door to the lymphatic system. Then we move onto the front of the thighs, side of the leg, lower back towards the buttocks area, then finally the back of the thighs and calves. Sound good?”

It did sound good. For this, I was given a mesh bodysuit to wear. You can still wear your underwear during the treatment, but this suit provides a hygiene barrier whilst still being thin enough for the machine to work its magic.

2023 09 20 Hr Physio Lpg Machine
The LPG machine shows you how treatment will be administered throughout the procedure Image: Confidentials

Hanane started with my face first, following the motions she’d shown me beforehand. The machine sounds like a small hoover and sort of acts like one too. The mechanical flaps vibrate and creates a sucking motion that gently massages the skin. It’s so gentle, in fact, that I almost fell asleep once I’d gotten over the initial sensation that feels like a fish sucking at your finger.  

Half way through the facial procedure, Hanane showed me the difference in my cheeks and how the one she’d treated looked far less puffy than the other. I was shocked at how quickly the swelling had reduced, and all without an ounce of pain.

The machine beeped to say my facial treatment was done. Feeling very relaxed, I waited as Hanane set up the bigger attachment on the LPG machine. This attachment covers a larger surface area and feels slightly different in sensation, but still not painful.

2023 09 20 Hr Physio Lpg Machine Closeup
A close up of the LPG machine Image: HR Physio & Wellness Centre

During the entire procedure, Hanane made sure I was comfortable and talked me through what was happening. Before long, the machine beeped again signifying my session was complete. 

Honestly, I was gutted it was over. Especially the facial part. Having your face gently massaged by a machine (and knowing you’ll look and feel better afterwards) is a real treat. 

Before I stood up to get changed, Hanane showed me how my stomach had flattened ever so slightly and I was chuffed to bits. In under an hour I’d lost some of my stubborn bloating without doing a jot. 

2023 09 20 Hr Physio Posters
The LPG machine uses stimulation technology to encourage bloodflow Image: Confidentials

Hanane gave me some privacy while I got changed and as I stretched my legs I noticed how much lighter they felt. A pleasant side-effect from the treatment. I also felt ten times calmer than I had when I went in, all the while being more energetic than I had in a long time. 

I thanked Hanane and her team for rejuvenating my mind, body and soul in under 60 minutes and strode back to the office with a big grin on my face; ready to tackle the day, even if it was Monday morning and chucking it down. 

HR Physio & Wellness Centre, Unit 5, 55 King St, Manchester M2 4LQ

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