Randy's Hardcore Hamburgers has closed after its lease was forfeited

This could be a record.

Randy's Hardcore Hamburgers, a Northern Quarter newcomer barely open more than three months, has closed.

'Forfeiture of lease' notices have been placed in the windows of the ground floor site in Basil Chambers on Nicholas Croft - previously home to Infamous Diner, another burger joint which whimpered on for a couple of years under various owners and was finally put into liquidation in August.

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Forfeiture of Lease notice in the window

So have we finally reached burger burn out? Maybe. Ask Byron/Handmade Burger Co/Gourmet Burger Kitchen...

And while the closure of another restaurant is nothing to celebrate, the opening of Randy's did seem misjudged. Dirty food? Stacked burgers? XXX marketing? It all felt a bit 2013. Then there was the Monster Munch... the burger casually placed next to stoner's paraphernalia (subtle)... the job ad listing 'banter' as a requirement... the slightly sexist "we need more girls in here" poster...

Perhaps the real problem was the big, red STOP sign right outside the front door, keeping punters away. Sound advice, it seems.

2018 10 20 Randys Burgers Img 7819
Stop me if you think that you've seen this all before

Randy's Fallowfield branch remains open.