Simple, sustainable cocktails that still hit the spot

ENVIRONMENTALLY-friendly cocktails. As green initiatives go, it might not have the impact as say, banning fossil fuels or single-use plastic, but we've all got to do what we can nowadays. And if you're in the cocktail business (creating or consuming) why not make it as green as possible?

That was the thinking behind Alvarium's new cocktail menu – to reduce waste and use as many ingredients made in-house as they can, cutting on packaging and food miles.

This garden-inspired NQ bar has always favoured seasonal, local produce, so it makes sense that this should apply to the drinks as well as the food.

The new drinks menu features homemade cordials, fresh juices, and home infusions such as a fruit and hibiscus shrub, and a homemade pear cordial.

2020 03 12 Alvarium Two Cocktails Cocktail

It's not just the supply chain they've simplified. They've also honed down the flavour of each cocktail to focus on one single, natural ingredient – such as mint, or strawberry, or liquorice, or rose.

The drinks are a careful blend of premium spirits and ingredients, but this one flavour will shine through and define its taste with an intensity that might surprise you.

With each drink named after its defining flavour, it makes choosing a cocktail very simple (and if you still can't decide, the bar team can help you find one that'll suit you).

Here's a look at some of the new creations on the menu – they're all available at Alvarium as of this week.

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