Pasta spot reduces portions to curb costs while diners can ‘sample more of the menu’

SUD Pasta today launched its downscaled ‘small plates’ menu in an effort to curb rising costs of up to 30%.

The popular pasta spot announced the launch of its ’12 Plates’ menu, with reduced portions of 2-3 plates per person now recommended for diners.

What we believe we’re moving to is something firstly more sustainable, but secondly, and most importantly, better

With restaurants in the hotspots of Altrincham, Ancoats and Sale, SUD has become a very popular destination for pasta lovers across Manchester.

However it seems even the most beloved spots aren’t safe from the swing of the axe when it comes to the rising costs of keeping a restaurant running.

Therefore the restaurant, inspired by Southern Italian dishes, decided to reduce its portions of pasta and switch to a small plates style in a bid to ease costs while allowing customers more variety.

2023 09 19 Sud Switches To Small Plates Body Pic
Two to three plates per person recommended Image: SUD Pasta

In a statement posted today (19 September) on its Instagram, Sud explained the reasoning behind its decision: “Whilst we’ve said this a 1000 times it’s worth repeating. In the last 12-18 months our costs have increased by 25-30% yet our income has remained static, the basic maths just weren’t stacking up.

“We had 3 options and granted we chose the hardest one:

1. Increase old menu prices by 25-30%

2. Reduce portion sizes on the old menu and leave the price the same.

3. 12 Plates - better product, more enjoyable dining experience, increased customer spending (if you can)

“The reality is if we were a brand new restaurant and released 12 plates there’d be zero controversy but we understand that because we’re moving from something to something new it’s a talking point."

2023 09 19 Sud Switches To Small Plates Old Menu
The old menu of starters and pasta dishes Image: SUD Pasta

It continued: “There’s no denying that the world looks different today from a restaurant perspective than it did 5 years ago ~ what we believe we’re moving to is something firstly more sustainable, but secondly, and most importantly, better.”

Here at we know our readers are never shy when it comes to sharing their opinions on the goings-on of the food and drink industry in their city, so we’d like to hear your thoughts.

Do you see more restaurants following in the footsteps of SUD and downsizing their menu to a small plates style? Does this way of dining look like the future of food and drink?

Do let us know in the comments below!

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