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Chicken wings, halloumi bacon rolls smothered in Nacho cheese sauce

‘Afternoon tea’ originated amongst the wealthy classes in 1840s England. According to Jane Pettigrew’s A Social History of Tea, Her Grace Anna Maria, Duchess of Bedford, is largely credited as transforming the custom into a late-afternoon meal whilst visiting Belvoir Castle.

Yes, this is as la-di-da as it comes. Or should we say was

Enter Shack, who is shaking up the genteel tradition big time. No more well-mannered jam scones, dainty cakes, cucumber sandwiches without the crusts - this is unadulterated, hardcore food porn. 

So what you can find in afternoon tea Shack-style? Chicken wings, cheese pulled pork burger, buttermilk chicken burger, onion rings, mozzarella dippers, halloumi bacon rolls, corn dogs and loaded fries.

All liberally doused in Nacho cheese sauce. 

We’re not pretending it’s healthy, but boy is it good. And you only live once right? All the more reason to treat yourself. 

We suggest washing it down with Shack’s Vimto Daiquiri. Topped with Vimto sweets, Vimto bon bons, Vimto swirls and jelly beans, it’s little wonder this candy confection is proving insanely popular.   

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