Plus Eid macarons, stuffed lobster rolls and soggy pub heroes

This week it was the best of times and it was the worst of times - and that was just the weather. As the rain stopped play for hospitality, angry United fans returned to Old Trafford sooner than expected to stop play on the pitch. Thankfully, despite adverse conditions, the content remained strong for this week's Hashtag Manchester.

Scroll on for our weekly round-up of filthy, funny and full-fat social media content from Manchester's food and drink scene. 

Pretty greens

With the re-opening of hospitality, it's easy to get lost in a gluttonous death spiral of melted cheese, deep-fried delicacies and towering burgers. Luckily you can always count on the Eat Well Manchester x Organic North Wholesale double threat for that much needed colourful, nutritious veg fix.

Beefed up tartare

Not only was Mana's beef tartare a pretty addition to our feed this week (on first glance we thought it was a cake) but the team was also kind enough to offer up a welcome history lesson in Mongol meat tenderising. Although the Mongol saddle method does sound ingenious, we prefer Mana's take on the classic.

Burat's that way a-ha a-ha we like it

No "Yolk of the Week" this week we're afraid. Instead, we've opted for a different runny, white entity in the form of this outdoor Burrata parting courtesy of hoagie hustlers Bada Bing. Who needs a yolk, eh?

Absolutely wellying it down

We're not saying that the folks over at The Lawn Club tempted fate with their glass welly boot full of Pimm's but it's no coincidence that the heavens opened shortly after. That said, we're into it and hope to see more footwear-themed glassware going forward. Hot choc in a croc? Amaretto stiletto? 

J'adoor Le Social

Raise a glass to Pollard Yard wine favourites Le Social who re-launched this weekend after a spot of redecorating. The results were impressive with props to Mike & Sian Studio on their colourful door artwork.

Rock (and roll) lobster

If you're looking for an excuse for a day out in Ramsbottom, look no further. The Hungry Duck has got you with its extremely generous lobster chunk to brioche roll ratios. 

Rain. On. Me.

Bravo to both patrons and staff at The Parkers Arms this weekend who despite monster downpours braved the rain for what looked like a cheerful lunch service. Spare a thought for staff member Adrian who looked like he took a good soaking. No rain no gain.

Festive macaron perfection

The results are in. English Rose Bakery asked its followers for their favourite flavour ideas and they didn't disappoint. The bakery's special Eid range will feature pistachio, rose, coconut and white chocolate and cardamom macarons available in boxes of 5 or 14.

Soft launches for soft scoops

Ahead of its grand opening next weekend, Lazy Sundae has debuted its travel-inspired, extremely Insta-friendly ice creams which inevitably taste as good as they look. Don't drop it whatever you do. 

Disco doughnuts

Say no to boring baked goods. Say yes to bright yellow acid house inspired doughnuts made by one venue to welcome back another. Aw, you guys!

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