Plus frangipane tarts, Vimto protests, flowery afternoon tea

Cheer up football fans, there’s still lots of food to be eaten and drinks to be drunk.

The sun’s got its hat on and the city is in bloom thanks to The Manchester Flower Show, which has transformed the city centre into a theme park for bees. Bank holiday weekend saw a bumper selection of content including flowers, flowers and more flowers (we're not complaining) but we’ve managed to whittle it down to a choice few.

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Keeping it realism

We’ve all been there. Tipsy bloke in the restaurant saying he’s going to do this and that. Says he loves the toilet sign and wants to paint it. Okay mate, can I get you any dessert in the meantime? But to be fair to Manchester-based urban realism artist Ollie Manco he’s put his brushes where his mouth was. The result is this wonderful painting of the inside of Elnecot in Ancoats.

Guinness cake is good for you

We’re always here for novelty baking and this cake take on the world’s famous Irish stout is very us. Granted, the head’s a bit problematic and it appears to have been served in a mug but considering it’s been poured from a can the ratios aren’t the worst we’ve seen.

Careless Hisper

We’re never going to eat meat again, guilty eats have got no rhythm. Now and again the ‘gram serves you up a sultry piece of veg and you just have to sit there and ogle it whilst George Michael’s Careless Whisper plays away in the background of your subconscious. Said moment this week was a charred piece of Hispi Cabbage with an apple dressing from Tender Cow.

Little works of tart

These tarts from Freda’s Place at Hatch aren’t just a pretty face. Supporting that blackcurrant compote and those salted caramel almonds and fresh blackberries is a white chocolate and miso frangipane base. And to think that some people out there skip breakfast. Philistines.

Ham flashbacks

Little Window, Altrincham is a fountain of picture-perfect plates of food. Last week’s Sunday Special first caught our eye but then this colourful and wonderfully arranged Tonnato Tomato popped up and we were sold. For a second there the child in us sighted some Billy Bear ham but we’re happy to report it’s rare breed Mortadella from The Ham & Cheese Co. Sweet memories nonetheless.

Take that, Vimto

Listen, when you’re sticking it to the man (and by the man, we mean Vimto) it’s important to be creative. It can’t just be placards, sit-ins and supergluing yourself to stuff. Sometimes you’ve got to make your point with a cocktail and, thanks to the folks at The Gherkin in Levenshulme, direct action never tasted so good. They’ve come up with the Fuck U Vimto, a purple Vimto-like gin concoction that’s a liquid protest against the drink producers’ use of animal products

Towers of flowers

Botanical fever has taken hold of the city thanks to the Manchester Flower Show and whilst a few places have taken the hint and plopped the odd petal on a cocktail, King Street Townhouse has taken the theme and ran with it. The hotel bar's supersized afternoon tea tower is available until 6 June, complete with lemon and thyme macarons. 

Purple drank

Magical vibes from the Con Club this week with a drink that Mystic Meg could happily look into for visions of the future (“I’m seeing at least two more gins, DJs on till late”). The change in colour is due to The Con Club’s Portobello Gin infused with butterfly pea flowers mixing with tonic, creating a majestic purple hue.

Toastest with the mostest

If there was an Olympics of toast, the French would win it. Hands down. Toast of the French variety is an occasion, toast for everyone else is an afterthought. Throw all the avocado and salmon you want at it, world, nothing matches France’s namesake mastery of crispy bread. Caramello of Didsbury knows this, clearly, doing French toast serious justice.

Chowing down for charity

We love collaboration in the name of charity and there’s an exciting one coming soon to Radcliffe Market. Burger heroes House of Bun and pizza champs Luisa’s Cucina are teaming up for two dishes, the proceeds of which will be donated to the mental health charity, Manchester Mind. There’s a sourdough calzone with a burgery topping and a potato brioche burger with mozzarella and homemade chunky pesto. The best of both worlds.

Green get the money, Dahla Dahla thrills y’all

Taste of Punjab is back for dinner service and we’re pumped. So pumped that we’ve turbo-punned a loose Wu Tang reference. Come for the dahl, stay for their knowledge. The lesser spotted green Dahl is a softer texture that flies under the radar of most Indian restaurant menus and takes on more flavour whilst being gentler on the old tum and tubes. Be sure to order some with a good dollop of jeera rice and mushrooms. Welcome back.

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