Tarts, shags and Strongbow sauce - the most shareable social content in MCR

While you wait with bated breath for tonight's Bojo roadmap announcement, soothe your anxious mind with pictures of cakes, tarts and jiggle bread dough from the best of Manchester's food and drink fraternity.

Scroll on for our new weekly round-up of funny, filthy, full-fat social media content from Manchester's food and drink scene. 

Scream cake

We just had to point out this hyperrealistic finger cake from Zara Cakes in North Manchester. It's just missing a strawberry jam filling.

One slice not enough?

How about a 12 (!) layer red velvet cake from Bakeorama via GRUB?

Manchester has the best tarts

We love Manchester tarts (and Leeds ones, and Liverpool ones, BOOM BOOM) and it looks like TV chef Phil Vickery rates the ones from Robinsons - Manchester's oldest family bakery. We loved this insight into their daily routine at the bakery.

...and the best shags

These shaggy cakes from The Palms Bakery in Ancoats are really impressive. Credit where it's due to MCR Wire for bringing them to our attention. 

Strongbow taco game

Crunched tacos are still teasing us with menu development pics. This one has a sauce made from Strongbow dark fruits. Does it come with a cider nachos?

That's so hot, honey

Hot? Honey? Hot honey? On garlic bread? Garlic? Bread? We didn't know we needed this in our lives until now but this video's been keeping us awake at night.

Foccacia now

Launched in lockdown last year, The Dough Drop delivers carby goodness to your door - you can even subscribe to have your fix delivered regularly. This video of them making focaccia has maximum jiggle factor.

Yolk porn

That egg yolk from Another Heart To Feed, though. *Stares wistfully into the middle distance*

Miss your bar?

It's been doing the rounds a bit but it was Eat MCR on Instagram that brought this one to our attention. A background noise generator called 'I Miss My Bar' that you can adjust to recreate the perfect balance of sounds from when bars and social interaction were a thing. Just add music and a delivery from one of your favourite bars or restaurants.

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