Rent increase of 35% sees veggie favourite forced to shut down

Greens Didsbury made a shock announcement today (2 January) that after 33 years it will be closing its doors.

Owners Simon Rimmer and Simon Connolly explained in a statement that a hefty rent increase along with rising costs "have made it impossible to continue".

Love, thanks and keep terrifying the carnivores

Considered something of a trailblazer when it opened back in 1990, the West Didsbury restaurant has been a favourite of vegetarians and has even converted carnivores to trying out meat-free cuisine. 

A statement published on social media said: "With great sadness we have had to close the doors on Greens Didsbury for good after 33 fantastic years. 

"We can no longer make it work - our landlord has increased our rent by 35%. That, together with increases in power, food and staff costs have made it impossible for us to continue. 

"We'd like to thank every single customer, member of staff, supplier and our friends and neighbours for being part of the journey. "

2024 01 02 Greens Didsbury Interior
Inside Greens Didsbury Image: Confidentials

The statement went on: "Our sister restaurant in Sale is still open and we'd love to see you all there to help the Greens story continue. If you have a reservation with us we'll be in touch. 

"Love, thanks and keep terrifying the carnivores.

"Simon and Simon."

While the loss of this beloved spot comes as a shock after three decades in Didsbury, the second site in Sale's increasingly foodie-focused Stanley Square means customers - even carnivorous ones - can still enjoy cuisine from one of Manchester's most established names.

2024 01 02 Greens Didsbury Simon Rimmer Sale Greens
Co-owner Simon Rimmer outside the Sale restaurant Image: Confidentials

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