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Bestselling hometeam burger and a Seven Bro7hers beer for just £10 in March

Café Football have scored a menu goal with their latest offer: throughout March, you can grab a hometeam burger and Seven Bro7hers EPA for just a tenner.

With live match screenings most days, it’s the ideal pairing.

Seven Bro7hers’ hometeam is Café Football’s bestselling burger, and no wonder: dry aged beef, cheddar, lettuce, tomato, burger sauce and onion relish makes for an absolute belter. Add fries and a gherkin, and you have a premier league meal (it’s massive too, chow down on this and you could win the championships).

As for the beer, it’s a classic English Pale Ale - with a toasted malt base, floral and green tea undertones - from popular family brewery Seven Bro7thers (literally run by seven siblings). Everything is top-notch quality, from the ingredients to the equipment, making for the perfect brew every time. Hence why they’ve proved so popular at Café Football for near on three years.

The offer marks past prolific partnerships, and comes ahead of exciting expansions for both companies. In some ways, then, it’s a celebration - and you’re invited to join the party.


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