It’s cheap as chips

Nothing beats a meal from a quality chippy when you’re hungry. And with Wright’s daily specials, it’s cheap as chips.

 The specials change every day so the only decision is, which day will you treat yourself to a chippy take out from Wrights? 

 Will it be Monday with its special of large sausage and chips with two sides (we’d go for the mushy peas every time)? It’s a proper feed for just £4.50

 Will it be Tuesday with any Holland’s pie or pudding plus chips and two sides, again for just £4.50?

 Perhaps you’ll treat yourself on Wednesday? After all, it’s cod bites, chips and a side for £4.50

 Maybe you’ll pick up a special from Wrights on a Thursday when it’s even cheaper than chips – just £4 for chicken curry with rice and chips.

 Can you wait until Friday when Wrights do their special chilli with rice and chips? It’s just £4 for a real feast.

 We bet you’ll be calling in at Wrights a lot more than one a week now we’ve spread the word about their specials. And their chips – they taste like potato heaven.

  Pop in and pick up a little bundle of happiness – the specials deal is only available on collection.

Find Wright's Fish and Chip Shop at 86 Cross St, Greater, Manchester M2 4LA or click here to find out more.