Just in time for you to get stuck in to their festive specials

December is going to be a decadent delight of sweet treats. No, not because you can crack open your advent calendars, but because Creams Cafe has opened in the Manchester Arndale

If you have a sweet tooth, chances are, you’ll already know Creams Cafe. It’s one of the UK’s most popular brands when it comes to capturing that sugar high. Think towering hot chocolates decked with more decorations than a Christmas tree, ice cream sundaes that will get your knickerbockers in a twist and moreish milkshakes made extra luxe with scoops of handmade Italian gelato.

A dessert hotspot like Creams Cafe makes a 99 look positively tame

What’s more – as well as looking good, it all tastes amazing. You might want to snap some of the OTT fun for Instagram or you might just want to scoff it because it’s too good to wait.

Creams Cafe is a year round destination for sweet, sweet doughnuts, American cop-style, cookie doughs and gelato and sorbets in every flavour you can think of. There’s even a great selection of plant based puds and a few savoury dishes too. But come Christmas time, it’s the festive specials that are going to be an essential part of your December celebrations.

2022 12 02 Creams Cafe Manchester Arndale

When it comes to seasonal hot drinks, don’t go basic when you could go big. It’s not a festive hot chocolate if it doesn’t have chocolate antlers and a red chocolate Rudolph nose. Now that’s the way to ‘sleigh’ Christmas.

Or go candy cane crazy with a White Christmas Hot Chocolate that just gets that creamy minty flavour spot on with a mix of white chocolate, mint syrup and such a mountain of whipped cream and white chocolate sauce, someone might send a St Bernard in to rescue you.

2022 12 02 Creams Cafe Thubnail

The Festive Sundae Funday takes reindeer regalia to the max with Lotus biscuits, vanilla soft serve and a very generous drizzle of chocolate sauce plus, what else, but those chocolate antlers and red chocolate button nose. Treat yourself. It would be ‘Rudolph’ not to, wouldn’t it?

A dessert hotspot like Creams Cafe makes a 99 look positively tame. See how spectacular dessert really can be at Creams Cafe. And if you can’t get down to the Arndale, you can order via Deliveroo, Uber Eats and Just Eat.

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