Full English or smashed avo on toast - everyone has a favourite spot for brekkie or brunch

Last year we held the first of Confidential’s public vote-offs, pitting the best of the region’s food and booze scene against one another in a series of open Twitter polls.

Thousands of votes later we discovered your favourite boozer (Sam’s Chop House), coffee shop (Home Sweet Home), cocktail bar (Cane & Grain), Italian (Piccolino) and, because it was flip-flop weather, your favourite outdoor drinking spot (Rain Bar).

And because they went so well, we’ve decided to carry on through into 2017, where we’ll be asking you to vote for your favourite spot for all sorts, from Spanish to steaks to street food and so on…

Next up is… Breakfast/Brunch.


Breakfast. It's the best meal of the day, right? The word itself, it says here, means to break the fast of not eating overnight. And what better way to congratulate yourself for not diving into the fridge at 3am then with sausages, eggs Benedict or some sort of smashed avocado thing.

Each day we'll be posting heats via Twitter, so simply pick your favourite (be quick as each poll only lasts a day) and the winner moves on until we arrive at the champ - who'll be awarded a spiffy little trophy.

Here we go then...

Heat One 17/04: Vote Now

Harvey Nichols vs Gorilla vs Albert Chop House vs Pen & Pencil

Heat Two 18/04: Vote Now

Volta vs San Carlo vs Koffee Pot vs Home Sweet Home

Heat Three 19/04: Vote Now

Trove vs Mary & Archie’s vs Comptoir vs Evelyn’s

Heat Four 21/04: Vote Now

Moose vs Trof vs Per Tutti vs Federal

Semi-final one 22/04: Vote Now

Winner of heat 1 (Gorilla) vs Winner of heat 2 (Home Sweet Home)

Semi-final two 23/04: Vote Now

Winner of heat 3 (Mary & Archie) vs winner of heat 4 (Federal)

Final 24/04: Vote Now

Semi 1 winner (Home Sweet Home) vs semi 2 winner (Federal)