'Gintrepreneurs' have created a youthful spirit that packs a punch for your skin (yes, really)

Besides inciting warbling pop renditions, unleashing questionable behaviour and making you dance like a total pillock, alcohol can have a pretty tough effect on your skin – a dry, dull complexion is almost a given after a boozy encounter. Couple that with the oh-too-easy option of passing out post-lash with your face caked in every product from the new MAC range, and night-outs can become age-accelerating disasters for your skin.    

But thanks to Oxford entrepreneurs, slurping spirits can now have a positive side-effect on your skin. No, this is not a drill; there is now a gin that makes you look younger.

Whilst the powers at be are yet to draft an elixir that stops the bitter stench of regret seeping from your pores the morning after the night before, knocking back a couple of shots of CollaGin could knock years off your skin.

The gin is the first of its kind to partner booze and beauty with its edible collagen ingredient, and at just £34.99 a bottle (50cl), it’s well within the budget of a decent night out.


Whilst expensive lotions and potions administer collagen directly onto a section of skin, ingesting collagen offers a boost to your entire body, giving you a youthful kickstart from within. Sipping collagen provides the entire body with the building blocks it needs to support the creation and repair of the body’s connective tissues – a process that starts to break down once you hit your mid-20s.

Whilst it may all sound a little clinical, the drinks label distils America’s number one collagen brand with a range of botanicals, so there’s no compromise on flavour.  

170413 Collagen Gin
Gintrepreneurs Camilla Brown and Liz Beswick

“Our key botanicals all have an anti-ageing quality to complement the collagen, particularly the pink grapefruit, fresh orange, anise oil and orris.” Co-Founder and ‘gintrepreneur’ Liz Beswick says. “The gin is fragrant, soft and the aftertaste is velvety, with a hit of vanilla.”

Aside from must-have beauty benefits, the gin has an elegant and refined taste that will appeal to many the gin connoisseur. The unique recipe offers a rejuvenating twist on classic gin with botanical notes including pink peppercorn, angelica root and liquorice.  

We’ve all experienced the unpleasant side-effects of the FOMO-face; the modern epidemic that sees us try to do everything through fear of missing out, often neglecting essential health maintenance in the process. 

The mid-Saturday morning makeup routine of scraping off last night’s slap after it has welded to your skin and cursed to age you by a decade as penance for your laziness is a common side-effect of the FOMO lifestyle. But, though thou must cleanse, tone and moisturise post every boozy bender, perhaps the fear of dry, aged skin post-night out could be something of the past. That is, if you’ve been slurping CollaGin all night. Flooding your body with collagen as you get merry, CollaGin will both stimulate and optimise your own collagen levels, especially in cases where the supply is declining due to age, diet or terrible life choices. (So, you might have shagged your work colleague last night, but hey, at least your skin looks younger).

Co-Founder Camilla Brown comments: “We've used botanicals with healthy benefits and a big dose of pure, powdered collagen, so if you're going to drink gin anyway, why not drink one with added bonuses?”

Amen to that.

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