Inquest concludes that Shahida Shahid died following a serious 'lack of communication'

A week-long inquest into how a woman died following a meal at Manchester restaurant, Almost Famous, has returned a verdict of 'misadventure'.

On 9 January 2015, Shahida Shahid, from Worsley, died after eating a chicken burger at the Great Northern branch of the popular burger restaurant. 

The 18-year-old student was severely allergic to dairy products, as well as nuts and shellfish. 

A friend administered an Epipen injection and Shahid was rushed to hospital, but sadly she passed away three days later after suffering severe brain damage.

The inquest jury at Manchester Coroner's Court heard that despite informing staff of her allergies when ordering, Shahid was not told that the ‘awesome frickin' chicken’ had been marinated in buttermilk. 

The jury ruled that a ‘lack of communication’ between server and chef led to Shahida being served the meal, and that she should have been offered an 'allergy book' listing all the allergens present in each dish.

Following the conclusion of misadventure, Manchester Council is continuing to investigate the Peter Street burger restaurant for potential health and safety breaches. 

A council spokesperson said: “Our investigation into Almost Famous is still on-going as we seek to establish if health and safety legislation was breached. Information bought to light during the coroner’s inquest will be considered before we reach a final conclusion.”

Great Northern Warehouse
Shahida Shahid died following a meal at Almost Famous in Great Northern