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We get wedding dress-ready with UP Fitness’ made-to-measure plan

STAND back – we have a bride on a mission: 2018 wedding and dress fitting imminent!

I wouldn’t say I eat ALL of the pies delivered to the office on a daily basis and I DO work out frequently, but with the big day looming (five months and counting) and my wedding dress fitting round the corner, I was feeling the pressure – as most brides-to-be do – to look my best and get properly in shape. 

With training, following my food plan and weighing myself to check my progress, six weeks flew by, and suddenly it was final measurements and the result of all my hard work

I needed guidance and support if I was going to do this in the run-up to Christmas – let’s face it, there was no way I could do it without someone rooting for me all the way. So I signed up to six weeks of Group Training with UP Fitness (£399 inc. initial measurement session at start and finish of programme).

You join a small group of six maximum, training using a mixture of resistance machines and free weights for 45 minutes each session, and finishing with a conditioning cardio round, which can include anything from 200 metres on the Ski-erg (think rower but stood up), lengths on the prowler track, watt bike, plank, squats… oh, the list is endless!

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I trained three times a week, and although the training was intense and by no means easy, and initially seemed daunting, various things made it work for me. First, having an end goal – in my case the wedding – was key. Number two, each and every one of the personal trainers at UP are friendly, helpful and know exactly what they’re talking about. I won't sugar coat it, the trainers will push you, sometimes beyond what you think are your limits. But, I promise, you'll love to hate it. 

So much thought goes into each session – about the muscles you’re contracting, the angles you’re working on the muscle fibres to really gain the most from your workout... Thirdly, the vibe of the gym isn’t like any other I’ve trained in and really helped me feel comfortable. There’s no competing or posing in mirrors and, perhaps thanks to the group setting, you walk in and there’s an instant air of positivity and feeling that no matter what, you can achieve what you set out to.

My worry that all the work with weights would turn me into a Hulk with massive guns (not really the best look for my fancy frock) were also quickly put to bed during my initial consultation with trainer Jamie. Weight and strength training is brilliant for fat loss and toning the body in the best way as working on the muscle groups keeps your metabolism going for longer periods – including post-workout. I decided to trust him – he sounded like he knew what he was talking about – and turns out he was right! 

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I was also advised on my nutrition, It was explained what and how much I should be eating on training and non-training days during the seven weeks of GT. It’s not as meagre as you might fear (porridge and protein shake was a typical breakfast, for example, with the likes of chicken salad for lunch, and steak, greens and sweet potato for tea) and seasoning food and creating good flavours is everything. What you eat plays a huge part in losing weight, and no matter how hard you train, if you don’t fuel your body in the right way, you’re going to be disappointed. So, I became the girl who weighs her food and spends Sunday evening doing meal prep, but I actually really enjoyed the routine: I had a plan and I was sticking to it. 

Food Diary - Training Days


Porridge Oats

Chocolate protein shake with extra virgin olive oil


Chicken salad or Chilli with cauliflower rice


Steak with greens and sweet potato 

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No mercy on the Leg Extension

And with training, following my food plan, regular weigh ins to monitor my progress, six weeks flew by, and suddenly it was final measurements and the result of all my hard work: a drop of 6.6kg in weight and 3.1% in body fat. Proud doesn’t even describe it! Not only had I set myself a mission and completed it (discovering I have some pretty epic willpower) – I hit my target and I’m so ready for my dress fitting. Check out the before and after pictures for proof!

UP Fitness have got me set for my big day in 2018 and I can’t thank them enough. Now it’s time to organise the rest of the wedding, and my eleven bridesmaids (yes, eleven)… So if you’re tying the knot in 2018 and want to look and feel your best, get in touch with UP – I genuinely loved it!

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