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We take in the views from the Hyatt Regency's 18th-floor yoga brunch

THERE’S something about going from the ground to the skyline in seconds that’ll always surprise me, even though I know perfectly well how a lift works. It happens at the Hyatt Regency Manchester when I step into their 18th floor function suite and find myself momentarily speechless at the views and the space.

It's an open-plan penthouse with floor-to-ceiling windows and views as far as the Peak District, and I’m here for a yoga-brunch, part of the Hyatt's programme of wellbeing activities for guests and local people.

There’s a sense of openness and quiet that’s perfect for a yoga session

I'm greeted by Jodie Ratcliffe, founder of Feather and Rock, who holds this Saturday morning session every six weeks or so. It’s a 75-minute calming, restorative yoga class followed by brunch on the terrace, and at £25 a ticket, it's no wonder it sells out every time.

The yoga brunch at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Manchester
The yoga brunch at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Manchester Image: Confidentials

Yoga with a view

Before the class starts, Jodie tells me she loves seeing the change in season each time she’s here. She’s held classes when autumn colours flare across the university campus below, and when snow swirls around the hotel, hiding the rest of the world from view.

Today, on a cold but clear day, it feels secluded and calm. There’s a sense of openness and quiet that’s perfect for a yoga session, and it only grows as the morning goes on.

Views of Manchester from the Hyatt Regency function suite
An events room with a view at the Hyatt Regency Image: Confidentials

Jodie leads us through a mix of hatha and vinyasa yoga that’s just right after a tiring week. There’s lots of stretching and massage and strength-building, and absolutely no cardio, which is fine by me. It suits all levels from beginners up.

Yoga is followed by brunch at the Hyatt Regency
Yoga is followed by brunch at the Hyatt Regency Image: Confidentials

When we finish, all eyes are on the brunch buffet that has been freshly-made by the hotel's chefs. It's a rainbow of healthy dishes like chia seed and granola bowls, and smoked salmon and avocado, plus weekend treats such as pain au chocolate and croissants. I fill a plate and take it on the terrace. In summer this space is opened up to the elements but today we watch the clouds blow by while staying warm behind glass.

It's the perfect Saturday morning; relaxing, social, and restorative. The next one is happening on 18 March and there’s another on 13 May. Book a ticket direct at Feather and Rock.

Yoga class at the Hyatt Regency in Manchester
The class mixes vinyasa and hatha yoga Image: Confidentials

Ice baths in the sky 

Yoga isn’t the only self-care session happening up here. From April onwards, there will be Wim Hof-style ice bath sessions on the terrace, combined with lessons in dynamic breathing and mental mindset, and followed by brunch or dinner. 

Then back on ground level, the Hyatt Running Club will launch in May. Sales manager Scott and Lukasz from the events team will lead guests and local runners around the city, with a choice of routes for all abilities.

Yoga teacher Jodie from Feather and Rock
Yoga teacher Jodie from Feather and Rock Image: Confidentials

They’re having a real push on health and self-care events at the Hyatt this year, and all these clubs and events are open to everyone: hotel guests, local residents, and people working in the area.

If you want to get involved, follow the Hyatt Regency Manchester on Facebook for details, or call the hotel events team on 0161 359 5550.

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