The sourdough pizza specialists pledge to donate 40,000 pizzas this Christmas - but that's not all

A pizza restaurant in Manchester has pledged to feed the homeless not just over the festive period, but all year round. Sourdough pizza merchants Franco Manca, who opened their first branch in Manchester this year have promised to er, dough-nate up to 40,000 pizzas to those without food or shelter during the month of December.

Not only do we hope this will help those most in need for months to come, it will also support our aim to limit our food waste across the business

This is a philanthropic festive tradition for the chain which launched in Brixton Market in 2008. They have been donating pizzas in December for several years now. This year’s figure of 40,000 aims to double what they donated last Christmas. 

2019 12 05 Franco Manca Xmas

But in 2020 Franco Manca have resolved to go one step further and turn surplus dough into fresh sourdough bread in order to feed hungry folk all year. The bread will be sent to local charities and soup kitchens, starting Monday 9th December and continuing all next year. 

As all self-respecting businesses should, Franco Manca plan to reduce food waste as much as possible across all of their UK venues. 

This is a continuation of their existing efforts to waste less food which include advertising extra toppings across blackboards to minimise ingredient waste, offering customers a chance to take home a doggy bag if they can’t finish their pizza, asking diners to not leave their crusts (cornicione) and regularly donating to food banks.

Franco Manca Pizza

Operations director at Franco Manca, Javed Akhtar, said: “At Franco Manca, we always try back to our local communities. This year, we’re truly happy to announce that we are doubling our 2018 pledge by offering 40,000 pizzas to those who face a tough time over the festive period. We are so proud to extend this support around our pizzerias with the launch of a new and exciting year-round initiative delivering freshly baked pizzas made from our sourdough to charities and soup kitchens. Not only do we hope this will help those most in need for months to come, it will also support our aim to limit our food waste across the business, something we think should be a focus for all likeminded, conscious restaurants across the UK.”

2019 12 05 Franco Manca Xmas 2

Staff at selected Franco Manca branches have also agreed to work on Christmas Day cooking up hot pizzas for those without warmth or comfort. Shelters and charitable organisations providing support for people in need will be able to collect their consignment of pizzas from their nearest branch.

Charities, foodbanks and shelters are encouraged to contact Franco Manca to arrange a collection.    

The pizza chain are also asking the UK public to share their recommendations for suitable organisations that might benefit from this scheme via the donations page on site, or on social media @francomancapizza

Franco Manca, 12-16 Mosley St, Manchester M2 3AQ