The Art of Banksy is set to occupy a temporary art museum on River Street featuring over 130 of the artist's works

Critically acclaimed national art tour, The Art of Banksy has so far made its way around galleries in Toronto, Tel Aviv, Miami, Melbourne, Sydney, Auckland, Gothenburg and London. 

Attracting over one million visitors worldwide and fuelling the artist's rep as one of the top political creatives of our time, the exhibition features over 130 works that have been loaned by private collectors, and now - it's coming to Manchester. 

The Art of Banksy showcases prints, screenprints, canvases and limited edition pieces that have been less exposed to the public eye

As our city braces itself to host the world's largest overview exhibition of authenticated Banksy pieces, there's also a purpose-built temporary museum in the works, some confirmed dates, and a very excited Arts and Culture writer at Confidentials right now.

The Art of Banksy showcases prints, screenprints, canvases, wood and paper pieces, and limited edition works that have been way less exposed to the public eye than, say, Girl With Balloon. However, it is worth noting that the exhibition has not been authorised or curated in collaboration with the artist as all works are on loan from existing collectors.

Banksy Balloon Girl Banksy Exhbition Comes To Manchester 2022
You all know Balloon Girl by now, surely Image: Dominic Robinson via Wikimedia Commons

No doors were harmed in the making of this exhibition

Who is he? Where is he? Do we even know if he's a he? 

Banksy's work has remained a modern-day mystery since those first freehand graffiti installations popped up in Bristol at the start of the 90s. His infamous pieces like Balloon Girl and Love is in the Air have littered public spaces and art gallery gift shops ever since. 

Banksy Piece In An Art Gallery In Bristol Exhibition Coming To Manchester 2022
A proper Banksy in Bristol Image: Confidentials

If you've watched Exit Through the Gift Shop or walked the streets of Bristol, London or Bethlehem, you'll know that a lot of Banksy's most famous works can be found on street corners, doors, shop fronts and alleyways. 

However, the authenticated masterpieces featured in The Art of Banksy are not street art pieces, and "none are removed from doors, houses, or were created to be seen by the audience for free". 

Instead, the works have been loaned to the exhibition producers, and all were created by the artist to be sold to private collectors. 

First Street Development 2022 The Art Of Banky Comes To Manchester
River Street is getting some serious street cred Image: Confidentials

A pop-up plot

Although site plans are still being finalised, the exhibition will be housed inside a temporary purpose-built art museum known as Plot 10.

Situated within the First Street development on River Street, the exhibition organisers are working with a conglomeration of Manchester-based companies including HOME MCR and Manchester City Council to manage the construction of the space and keep local residents informed. This plot has previously been used for Homeground and Pride in the last few years too. 

The building phase of the exhibition is said to start between Monday 5 September and Thursday 22 September with the breakdown phase taking place at the start of 2023. 

The Art Of Banksy Art Exhbition Coming To Manchester Previous Gallery Photo
The Art of Banksy has featured in galleries across the globe Image: artofbanksyexhibit

Dates and further details

The Art of Banksy will take place Thursday 22 September until Sunday 8 January 2023 at this new pop-up space on River StreetThe exhibition will be open to the public from 10am - 7pm Sunday to Thursday and 10am - 8pm on Fridays and Saturdays. 

Thinking of the implications for Manchester in general, all involved are striving to ensure that local residents surrounding the development do not suffer any significant inconvenience during the run-up or duration of the exhibition. 

When we know more about tickets, featured works, and confirmed details we'll be sure to update you. Now go watch Exit Through the Giftshop and get ready for Banksy to come to Manchester. 

Pre-registration for tickets is now live.

The Art of Banksy, Plot 10, River Street, Manchester M15 4FN

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Header image: Heather Cowper

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