No menu beyond a Margherita – just your wildest imagination!

LET’S go wild this lunchtime, we said, and snuck out of the office on the hunt for something special to satiate our hunger and keep us running all afternoon. Luckily we remembered that our favourite Italian streetfood dudes, WOLF, mentioned something about expanding their menu, giving us something new to get our teeth into.

Having binged on the £1 Piada deal, we’ll admit we’ve become quite good pals with our local branch of WOLF and you could say we’re fairly au fait with the counter options of the fillings available. For the new pizza offer, we’ll call those fillings “toppings” as is protocol, but, however you want to dress it up, be sure that there’s plenty of choice at WOLF – think herb-and-lemon-marinated grilled chicken, melt-in-the-mouth pulled pork, slow-roasted Mediterranean veg, vitamin-packed salad leaves and much much more.

2019 02 22 Wolf Pizza 02

On the board we spy mention of a classic thin crust Margherita, made with a hand-stretched, stone-baked base slathered with flavour-packed fresh and sweet tomato and basil sauce and topped with mozzarella, just £5.95. That’s the only advertised choice, but it doesn’t mean that’s the only choice. Fancy something more than a Margherita? Simple, just pick what you fancy from the counter and watch it all come together before your very eyes. Go for two toppings and it’s £6.95; add three and it’s £7.95, then for each additional topping just add an extra £1. Consider yourself off the leash.

Appetite appeased, we headed back to our desks and stayed clear of the snack cupboard until home time. How easy is that? No endless lunchtime hunting trips, no afternoon hunger pangs; just pizza made to order all day every day, fresh, fast and full of flavour.

Pair it with a beer or glass of wine for an after work or weekend treat.

Find out more about WOLF here