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This is why their dishes are a cut-above the rest

WHILE some Indian restaurants use pre-prepared sauces preserved with oil to make their curries, others prefer to take the long way round and cook each dish from scratch as it's ordered.

Scene Indian Street Kitchen in Spinningfields is one of them, and the difference it makes to the taste is dramatic. Spices are toasted whole, ginger and garlic puree is added, then in goes the marinated meat and chopped onion, and more freshly ground spices. Vegetables and herbs go in last.

2018 06 30 Scene Chicken Curry 1

The result is a sizzling, aromatic, colourful dish that's been made fresh just for you. It's real home-style curry cooking. And it's why Scene is building a reputation as an Indian restaurant to watch, especially with their large selection of meat, vegetarian and vegan dishes there’s definitely something for everyone to savour.

Why not book a table this weekend? If you think the curry in the video looks good, imagine how it smells and tastes.

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